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Big cars V's small cars.

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What types of cars do you prefer? Big cars or small cars. Who hates 4WD's? Do you get annoyed by people that drive certain cars? (Eg, bad volvo drivers or slow VW drivers).
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l prefer small sporty cars: they are easy to drive and manouver. l hate big vehicles on the roads because they are too hard to see behind. l also find many drivers of big vehicles to be arrogant. Many of the drivers have beards and look like yahoo hillbillies. Many of the drivers also drink red wine in the evenings. l also h8 drivers who drive run-of-the mill 1980's cars. l h8 mercedes drivers, they are wankers, just like 4WD drivers. Merc drivers have `the arrogant lag' when they drive. l also h8 BMW drivers, they drive all over the road. lt's a pity more drivers didn't know their road rules. l h8 old slow drivers, they are pains in the neck. l love women but l h8 women drivers: they always drive slow in the over-taking lanes and speak on mobile phones, they also are clueless about the road rules and they drive all over the road like BMW drivers. l h8 Ford drivers. Why do ford drivers put hats at the back of the car for. Old mans cars=FORD. Wankers car. l h8 hippie drivers that drive old VW conbi vans at really slow speeds. l also h8 slow inconsiderate drivers (usually 4WD's). l also hate traffic. Sitting in thick traffic snarls vexes me. l believe certain cars draw certain personality types. Some cars you can road rage and pick on and other cars you can't. What do you all think. P.S: h8 = hate. Regards: h8-man b8-man. (Anne Wigmores sidekick - the wheatgrass king).    
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Marc I think you're vastly generalizing about most of the driving population. To say that if a person drives "X" car they must fit into a certain defined stereotype seems a bit narrow-minded. I've seen people in large Mercedes sedans that shouldn't have a license and I've seen people in rust-bucket Civics that shouldn't either. There are good drivers and there are bad (most drivers however seem to think they are above average, but I digress...). Everyone at one time or another makes mistakes on the road. Just because we catch someone doing it doesn't mean we should chastise them, because we have all been in that situation at one time or another.   You say that you hate people that drive non-descript 80's boxes. What if that is all they can afford? What if they do not consider cars as extensions of their personalities but merely transportation from point A to B and therefore don't really care what they drive? Why are women "bad" drivers? One of the best drivers I know is a women who races Porsches. Why are "slow" drivers automatically bad? In this post I don't mean to offend, merely make a point. I've noticed this post shows us only things you hate. What do you love about driving? Aaron
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l'm not totally serious, only half serious. Of course i'm generalizing, this is meant to be a fun topic. Anyway, in my experience, cars generally seem to draw certain personality types. Generally not definately.
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i used to drive a large 4WD truck/SUV for 12 years and just recently changed to a Mini Cooper (which i love, my fave car i've owned/driven), so my preference would be smaller cars that said, i the most annoying cars are the rice rockets that are abundant in so know those Hondas, acuras, etc that have shitloads of spoilers, fins, huge exhausts, and stickers running down the fender "advertising" what the car supposedly has on it like they're been paid by GReddy to endorse their muffler or some shit. and always driven by a chisel headed "chigger" (at least out these parts, altho there are plenty of mexicans that fit the bill too). these fools think they now own formula 1 racecars and try to drive like it on the street/fwys. no wonder so many of em crash into lightpoles on the curvy road near my work. losers.
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get smart, this is a gentlemen's forum. j or steve, i think that last post should be deleted.
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this is a gentlemen's forum.  
haha that's funny considering the vitriolic posting in that one watch thread in the main forum lighten up, jeeves.
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