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Tailor in nyc

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I would like to thank all those replies on this forum. I have learned a lot from a relatively short period of time. Just goes to show if you learn from the best, one can't be too far off. Anyways, I have these pairs of pants. They are in great need of tailoring . Where in NYC can I find a great tailor/cleaners. I am really only in need of tailoring but a good dry cleaner is always handy too. Thanks and keep up the good posts......
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I go to Peppino Tailors on 60th and Lexington. He does very good job, although he is a bit expensive. A lot of the dept. stores and local boutiques send stuff to them. Hope this helps.
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I've recently moved to New York and bought a new suit. I thought I'd revive this thread - any other recommendations, especially downtown?
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Wilfred's Tailoring Inc. is great (18 W 23rd St, Between 5 & 6th, 4th floor). Very mellow, unpretentious and above all affordable. I take all my eb*y purchased suits (Kiton, Attolini, Isaia) to him. He does all my wife's alterations also. Funny story, I was there on a rainy Saturday afternoon this summer and I saw Johny Cochran (sp?) there getting a few sport coats tailored. BTW, anyone know of a good NYC dry cleaner that can be trusted to care for expensive suits?
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Very close to me.  And hey, if it's good enough for Johnny, it's good enough for me.
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donlipa, Can you tell me how much this place cost. Obviously, the extra dollars are worth it for a great result but still would like to know what I would be expecting to pay... Thanks
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hey, that's a great tip on the tailor in NYC for ebay stuff. can he do complex stuff, like re-cut trousers and working buttonholes on suitcoats? if anyone is interested in custom tailoring in NYC, there's a good article in the new robb report. touches on the philosophy of such tailors and wardrobe consultants (who actually 'broker' with tailors such as the savile row greats for you) such as David Lance New York ( David Rickey & Co. in California (
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I don't recall exact prices (I can't find any receipts although I know he charges $40 for sleeve button holes on a suit). I used to live in DC and Wilfred's prices are on par. Give him a call for his price list, 646-242-3030. He does anything from hem pants to a custom suit. I've had him tailor all my suits and all my wife's suits. The most complex things he has done for me are working sleeve buttons and shortening an Isaia's sleeve from the shoulder.
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The most complex things he has done for me are working sleeve buttons and shortening an Isaia's sleeve from the shoulder.
I'm no tailor, but I do know that is an extremely complicated procedure - sounds like he could do virtually anything you'd need, no?
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Thought I bring back this thread as I has found some new info for anyone interested. Here is the link. Tailors in NYC
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I don't know what Peppino's charges, but I just got back from Wilfred's.  The service was good, but the prices were higher than I expected: $40 per jacket to shorten sleeves $45 per jacket to bring in the shoulders a bit $22 to shorten a pair of jeans I suppose the last two prices are reasonable, but $40 for shortening sleeves sounds like a bit much unless they're shortening them from the shoulder.  I brought in two sport coats and the alterations cost more than I paid for them on ebay. dan
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$22 to shorten a pair of jeans
Wow--I pay about $12 to get an 'original hem' shortening of my jeans, but I'm in Atlanta right now.
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Good lord, $40 to shorten sleeves at the cuffs is ridiculous. I can do that myself in a couple of hours max and I am not exactly skilled. Even if they shank the buttons kissing (unlikely) it still seems high.
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That's why I was curious what constituted "expensive" for Peppino's.  It's hard to see how it could be that much more.  Maybe it's just NYC cost of living for you.  At least it's somewhat offset by the fact that I get to deduct state and city income tax on my federal return. dan
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Perhaps location becomes an issue, even though I would assume there would be decent competition amongst upscale tailors in the NYC area. It costs me $8 to get jeans hemmed with the original bottoms, and $32 to get trousers tapered and hemmed, and sleeves hemmed.
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