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Good Deal/Good Idea

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Ok so i checked out BB today and found two retail suits the 1818 collection. They fit me well but the two they have are identical, they are grey and blue in the nail head patterns. They are two for $500 and then i would get 25% off, and was wondering if its ok to buy two identical suits in different colors and was the price i'm getting them at be worth it? their is also a grey window pane that fits well but needs to be taken in. And my last question is the pants on them are 33 and would need to be taken in 2-2.5 inches. WOuld that to be to much? Thanks Nik
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With the discount, does that result in 2 suits for $375? That's seems to be a good price for 2 BB suits. Is the 1818 line the one with the retail around 900 to 1000 a suit? I assume there's no way to get only one suit. If they're identical, why not try flipping the second one on ebay? Just remember to keep the tags on it so that you can advertise it as new with tags. As for getting pants taken in, I routinely get my pants taken in 2 inches. I usually get a 44L, and then have to get the pants taken in from 38 to 36 inches. It is a rather normal operation.
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Or arrange with someone here to buy the other one, if you don't want it. Who says they have to be the same size?
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Yep thats two for $375, but its about $400 after taxes.  The 1818 line retails for about $798 if not on sale on the website. I am thinking about going with the blue nail head suit and the grey window pane, which is alittle big but for an extra $25 its probibly worth takin it in.
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Not a bad price at all. As to sizing, if the suit is big in the waist, that can be taken in by a competent tailor. Unless you are buying separates, or happen to be one of those lucky individuals with a 6 inch drop between your chest measurement and waist measurement, you're pretty much resigned to always making adjustments at the waist for ready to wear suits. Shoulders and jacket length are another issue entirely. Those are more difficult/expensive to alter.
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In your situation (internship) it's wiser to buy the blue and the grey as basic work suits. The grey window pane would make a good third suit if the budget permits. Why do you worry if they are the same cut and fit?. Besides it's easier to combine shirts and ties with the solid blue/grey. If you buy window pane instead of grey, then it will be more difficult to match with shirts and ties. So, you might end up with another problem of finding the right shirts and ties. In the long run the blue+grey option will save you time and money.
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