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Jantzen's monogramming

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Any recommendation of a good monogramming style for Jantzen's shirt? Neatness is the most important aspect. Thanks a lot in advance. Edit: I should've mention that I have only tried #14 and was dissapointed with the result. Now I'm not sure if that's because of the particular style or the workmanship involved. *** Ricky, if you read this, no offense intended. Just asking for other people's experience.
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Bump. Any recommendation would be much appreciated. Btw, Bjorn H, I saw a picture of your Jantzen shirt on previous thread with monogramming style# 30, looks pretty neat. Is the quality of the embroidering consistent from time to time? Many thanks.
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Mine all have no. 27, which looks fine.
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The triangle shaped monogram, #22, comes out quite well. I've had it on the two shirts I've ordered. Of course the success of this particular style depends upon the shape of the 1st letter of your last name.
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I meant to post a reply but never got around to it. I have 2 in my closet and a third (hopefully) on the way to me. The monogramming is not a handmade piece of art but seems to be similar on my two and fully lives up to my expectations. Then again I don't know any better so it's easy to fool me. The monogramming is probably done with a machine so the quality should be consistent but I suppose your fabric selection could affect how it turns out. B
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i've been using #25 because i have three initials. the quality has been consistent. if i had only two initials, i'd like 'the bjorn', which is #30.
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That would be "the Bear" to be exact, It's what my name means   B ps. I like your footer . DM is my favorite group and I've been following them since their first album.
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