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Hey guys, writing from the Westin in Vegas (btw, this is the BEST deal on hotels in vegas for friday/sat. If you book early, $119 a night all day long, plus triple Starwood points right now.) Normally stay at TheHOTEL at Mandalay Bay, but this place is really nice for the money, I'd rather spend the extra $300/night on clothing Anyways, the new forum shops are done, and they are spectacular, at least to look at. New stores for guys include Bally, Ted Baker, Scoop NYC, and probably some others I'm forgetting. Women will enjoy a Kate Spade and Juicy store, in addition to a bunch of others, it is really nice looking though. The coolest thing that they've added to this place is the new flagshop Tourneau store though. This place is seriously as big as a Best Buy and full of high end watches. I saw IWC, Rolex, Patek, Breitling, Vacheron, Ulysse Nardin, Zenith, JLC, etc... prices more or less sucked, they had a preowned daytona stainless for $14k... (ugh) but it was cool to see almost every high end watch under one roof. We went to Lutece tonight. That place is awesome. I would give it a 45/50 overall (I'm going to post restaurant reviews with scores soon in the food section) with a great ambience (except the music), wonderful food, appetizers, and desserts. The lamb was probably the best I've had anywhere and the pan seared foie gras was to die for. Best thing was, I got 20% off by booking at Dinnerbroker.com. Total bill for the two of us including appetizers, wine, dinner, and dessert, was about $150 before tax and tip. Still lots of American Jackass looks going on here, will post some more about this later, and some pics from our trip, once I get on a broadband connection.
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Dz, You seem to go to las vegas a lot, so you might be able to answer this question: did the belagio's fountain show include the horrible histironics of Celene Dion while Wynn still owned his Vegas empire, or was it changed after he sold it to MGM. I really don't like Vegas that much, and I don't go that often. Yet, it seems like the Bellagio has sold out since I last went to Vegas.
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I really liked D.Fine at the Forum shops. Not the cheapest place to buy clothes but then most don't look for bargains in a casino unless you are looking for a buffet or a free drink. They had a very nice selection of clothing.  I picked up a very nice Equillibrio Casual Summer short sleeve shirt with their (no top button) rolled collar.  Very sharp in my opinion.  Material has a really nice quality feel and weight to it and is 90% Polysonic and 10% Polyester. I Certanily could have ironed it first, but didn't have time. Photos attached. - Please disregard the waviness in the picture - that is a result of the digital camera. the pictures don't do the shirt justice in my opinion. Stevo Eq shirt Eq shirt 2 Eq shirt 4 Eq Shirt 3
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stevo4, great avatar.
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Thanks. Sally always had style (in her own way)
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I have heard Celine at the Bellagio since it opened (Titanic) D.Fine is in the Bellagio, unless there is more than one, I haven't seen it at the forum shops and was in there for a couple hours today (ate at Bradley Ogden) Bradley Ogden is a great restaurant, if a bit pricey even by Vegas standards. Entrees were $55-160 a la carte, appetizers were 20-150, desserts were 15-60, and the wine list was great if pricey also. I had the venison and a nice penfolds bin 707, with some foie gras and a nice caramel filled chocolate cake... pretty delectable, final bill was north of $350 for the two of us though. Went and saw Sarah Brightman in concert, I've seen her before and have always loved her music since Phantom, but damn can she belt them out. First time I've seen her live performance of Nessum Dorna, and its amazing how much power she has considering her fairly dimunitive stature... I think she is one of the best female vocalists of our generation.
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I stand corrected. It was much earlier this year and we had walked the strip Starting at Westward HO.. It all starts to Blur together. Sorry for the mistake. Stevo
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Bradley Ogden is a great restaurant, if a bit pricey even by Vegas standards. Entrees were $55-160 a la carte, appetizers were 20-150, desserts were 15-60, and the wine list was great if pricey also.
150 for an appetizer? That is quite ridiculous... what was the appetizer? On the ridiciously spendy note, anybody tried Masa in NY? I've been dying to try it ever since I read Anthony Bourdain's review. 300/person but it's supposedly worth every penny.
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There were a couple things in that price range, one was a white truffle/foie gras medley, and the other was a beluga sampler.
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For the frequent Vegas travelers in the crowd, keep an eye on the Fourm Shops for sales that seemingly pop up out of no where and for no real reason...i.e. not seasonal or in conjuction with a holiday (although, I guess every day in Vegas in considered a holiday). If you browse regularly, you can come away with some real deals there. Last time I was in town, about 2 months ago, I picked up a pair of full ostrich cap-toes in black with a matching belt for $390. The shoes were on sale for $465, before the bartering started, but the store manager came off that price in a hurry.
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The lack of sales knowledge at many stores in Vegas is astounding, I talked to the owner of one of the shoe boutiques who was trying to convince me that Canali and Armani manufactured their own shoes... btw, is it me or are the Canali shoes pretty ugly?
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drizzt-- Glad to hear you enjoyed Lutece. I've been trying to promote this restaurant here and on Andy's. Can't believe it isn't mobbed. Maybe diners expect it to resemble its late, lamented Manhattan namesake. If so, they're in for a shock. (But a pleasant one, je pense.)
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I was quite happy with Lutece, I would probably rank it close to the top ten restaurant experiences that I have had, it would have ranked even higher except for a couple very minor issues.
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