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I ordered the jacket...I hope it lives up to expectations in person
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Congressman Stripe Suit My favorite item on the Polo site is the three-button, striped suit with patch-and-flap pockets.
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Oops. My mistake. The three-button suit has been marked down to two.
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I got the jacket today. I am thoroughly unimpressed. Cashmere lined? The website neglects to mention that it's 15% cashmere, 85% wool lining. Kind of misleading for the site to read "Lining: Cashmere." Also the fit isn't near as sleek or tailored as described. I have a 44" chest and a 32" waist. Apparently large equates to "fat." I'm returning it. I could easily use the $580 for other clothes.
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I have yet to receive mine but if I am struck with the same disappointment as you (of which there is a strong likelihood) I will be returning it as well. Thanks for the review.
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Jofaile, please keep us informed as to your assestment of the jacket. It looked pretty nice in the picture. Perhaps someone can post more detailed pictures? Debaser, What more can you describe about the jacket? 15% cashmere 85% wool is highly misleading. That in it of itself is motive to return it. 44" chest and 32", that's a 12" drop. Looks like you have a athletic physique to say the least. How wide is the midsection? Is there any form of waist supression on the jacket? My jacket should arrive within the week or next week at the latest. Hopefully, I won't be disappointed but apparently right now, I will. -HitMan009
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I'm shocked that Polo's own website would do a "cashmere lining" bait and switch. I'd return it, with a nasty letter to the Polo legal department.
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On style: Ok, so I received this coat today in the mall. The coat doesn't appear as it does on the website. On the website, the shell appears more of a twill weave but upon receiving the coat, the shell is basically your ballistic nylon weave, not unsimiliar to the material your would find on a nylon messanger bag. I have to say the twill weave and cashmere lining was the biggest draw for me along with the sleek, trim fit description. So far none of this has reached my level of expectations. So I will go to the store tommorrow and see. On fit: First off, medium is not my right size but the whole purpose was to lock in the savings and get size small at the store. I can't imagine if the small would actually fit right but the medium is not too far from being tent-like at the waist. The shoulders appear just off so I think the small can correct that. All in all, I don't see how something like this can even be listed for over a grand. The sale price is more on par with the quality of this coat.
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