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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post
who dressed your windows this week.
The bright colored blazers with 5 woorking buttonholes with the bright buttonholes on one buttonhole look positvely stupid.
that look is a about two years past it's prime.

Michel, Kiton and Brioni do not produce fabric.

Actually a bit longer than that Carl. I was wearing a mid blue suit with one red button hole on the left sleeve a year before I graduated in 2001

I ripped the idea off Paul Smith.
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Originally Posted by pat bateman View Post
i bought 2 suits and 3 shirts 2 years ago (bad choice)

1) the fabric was as stiff as cardboard($700 per suit)
2) im 6'2 180 pounds athletic build would normally wear a 42l (if i bought off the rack)
the tailoring is probably the absolute WORST i have ever had.nothing fit even after they tried to alter,the jacket was way to tight,the length way to short,the sleeves to short,the pants where to tight in the waist and seat. the length of the legs where too short i could go on n on long story short i didn't even bother to wear them(i donated them to charity n used it as a tax write off)

the shirts are 1 ply and needless to say they didn't last 3 wears before they had holes in them.

1 positive: the salesman was nice but who cares when your out $1600.


Why would you buy more than 1 suit at a time before you have the pattern right on the first one?
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i've spent $1500 for one suit that was a disappointment so getting two for the same price i figured worst case one out of the two suits i would like,so much for that logic.
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Damn, you cats are brutal as hell. Anyway, agreed, need to get the suit retailored (wore it twice since I bought it), the shirt was indeed 100% too short in the sleeves and was not selected properly.

I'm a novice when it comes to fit and didn't have proper guidance, so thanks for all the helpful adjectives to motivate me to get my crap together. I'm actually contemplating getting a Navy suit from these guys. They really aren't that bad unless you're rich and/or a total snob.

I'm currently working on the rich part, so if I can look presentable on the cheap, I'm gonna do it.
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Originally Posted by overdog View Post
Well, at least they get celebrity clients.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I'll take that as a compliment.
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Ok bear in mind that I'm not an expert on suit construction and the like...but i got my first MTM suit at mysuitny(Madison location) and the salesperson was very helpful and I'm very happy with my suit..I'm actually thinking about going back for another. Granted I don't wear suits normally so I don't know how well they hold up. All I know is that it fits amazing and I've gotten many compliments at the wedding I attended. I will post pics at aa later date.

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Here are pics



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is that your natural posture?
or are you standing up straighter then usual.
if the first is true. then they missed the mark.

the balance is way off.
there is a ripple across your back at the blades

unbutton the lower button and take these photos in a more natural position

the saleman should not have let you out of the store in this garment..
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In all fairness I have gained some weight. Is that why the fabric is being stretched in that area?

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5 pounds would show up differently.
please answer the posture question.

remember i am in the trade.
if you stand one way during fittings and differently the rest of the time or during the photos.

then the fit will look different
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I think I might have had a different posture during the fittings..Anything I can do to fix this? my gf said that she didn't see that crease during the wedding.

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retake the photo in a more natural stance
you are very sway backed in this photo
unbutton the bottom button
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Shirtmaven> Could this be caused by subpar fabric?

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Originally Posted by rodaman View Post

20130628_084647.jpeg 464k .jpeg file
still bad

fit has nothing to do with the quality of the fabric in this case
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