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i'd have the same question. What about the PZ Sartoriale Green Label?
Especially the fitting, since the materials seem to be great.
I'm fitting into a 54 (44R)  Concept line, and between a 52/54 Main Line (before the relaunch one season ago), but for example Lab didn't even fit me in 56 so i'm bothered if the Green Label will fit me at all/in 54, since it's called the "younger line".


Thanks very much for any help.


PS: And a second question, concerning the attached picture. Would you guys think this is an recent PZ suit (last 5-6 years) with the "blue label" instead of the old white one? It's definitely from the main line but i don't know how recent, the lapel seems a bit old school (big angle) for me, would you still wear this today?


Best regards and greetings from Germany,




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