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Pal Zileri suits - among the great Italian suitmakers or a mere second-fiddle? - Page 3

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Keep in mind we here at SF are used to lower prices than the standard market sales or even ebay could offer.

I can offer low priced Pal Zileri suits, because I happen to live in Europe close to an outlet business that carry them.

But somebody living in Oklahoma or Taipei that wants a Pal Zileri suit could be forced to pay retail or maybe 25% reduction ( so around $1000 a suit ).

Another point to consider is that the items you get here heavily reduced are just a little selection of items and are usually not necesarily what you could be looking for. Those are closeouts bought from end of season sales.

So if you want a charcoal PZ in a 38R you'll have to pay a much higher price than what you'd pay for a PZ brown windowpane suit in a 54R here.

That is it.
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Originally Posted by EL72 View Post
I only know one store in Toronto that carries a reasonable collection of PZ so I'm curious who does MTM Zileri in Canada.

The only store I've heard of is my own, Henry Singer, which is in Calgary and Edmonton only. That's who A Canucker was referring to in the post below yours.

Originally Posted by A Canuker View Post
As for the suits here in Calgary there is one store and the prices are just to high to even bother to look. I'll have to go in one day and have a second glance but again SF has ruined the shopping in this town for this member.

One thing to keep in mind, Canucker, is that distribution is terrible in Canada. We will inevitably higher prices than anywhere in the US solely based on that and regardless of the current strength of our dollar. The prices of PZ suits (and anything else in my store or elsewhere) burns my ass any time I read a thread on here and hear about US prices. We really get the shaft on retail. That having been said, you would be hard-pressed to find better prices locally than when this stuff goes on sale.
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Hate to bring this up from the dead, but can anyone comment on their red label concept line? I purchased a pair of the red label concept cotton pants at a good discount and so far I'm quite happy with them.
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Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio View Post
I love charcoal gray, and I don't have one in this particular shade nor in a window-pane pattern. In short, there's a lot for me to like about this suit - with the exception of my unfamiliarity with Pal Zileri and inability to try on before buying!

The fit is right on the money, but I can't really speak to the quality of the fabric. The seller claims its super 100s wool. Among the pictures he sent, I think this one best reveals the fabric:

That is a fantastic-looking suit. Love the windowpane, ticket pocket, pick-stitching, and the fact that it's a 2-button. And the attention to detail with the windowpanes lining up properly on the pocket flaps...
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Originally Posted by merkur View Post
How does the Pal Zileri Sartoriale line compare to the Corneliani Linea Sartoria line?

Zileri Sartoriale is top notch (much more handwork than Corneliani) and comparable, if not better, than Zegna Couture and Borrelli. Some fabrics details are pretty crazy though and you have to like the fitted and very soft shoulder, zero padding cut. Prices are much higher than Corneliani too.
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Yes, is a second file brand for SF standarts. They do carry them in my area.

I prefer Corneliani by far. but Zileri´s shirts are best of the best.

The picture of the dummy is great but the stuff I see here is by far more fat than that.

Price, 700 -1300 euros for
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PZ Sartorial line is very nice.. & the Sartorial shirts & ties are beautifully hand finished, down to teh "crows feet" stitching for the buttons.
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Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" View Post
Sartoriale line is right on par Brioni. Better than Borrelli and Zegna Napoli.

A notch below Kiton.

Dream on.

Because its hard to get in the US its all of a sudden top notch? In some European countries you trip over PZ (main line and sartoriale) and their top line is comparable to Caruso at best (also in pricing). Like Lakewolf mentioned, during sales here you can get it a very very reduced prices.
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The sartoriale is quite nice yes, but not Brioni.. Far better than Zegna!

I hate Zegna! too big for me,they don´t catch my measures as Corneliani does!

I got a 300 euro sartoriale shirt and yes, was quite nice.

As I say, I think that PZ are far better on shirts than suits.Being their shirts top notch and not very expensive. Made in italy!!
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Keep in mind Pal Zileri is targeting a wide audience and hence their stuff tends to be very "safe" with the occassional gems. It also depends a lot on what each distributor chose to buy from a collection. For example, while there are geniuenly exciting pieces from their fall/winter 08 collection, the HK stores looked like a funeral home with dark suits galore.
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any idea of  Pal Zileri Sartoriale green label ?

From B&S, someone says  "Green Label is the younger line of Pal Zileri Sartoriale", but don't mention the quality

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