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Clothes For Your Pets

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As the weather changes, the leaves fall, the wind howls... I see my neighbor walking his dog, both my neighbor, and his dog are wearing matching sweaters... Does anyone here have a pet that they dress up? I think that it's the funniest thing I've ever possibly seen. Check out this website and try not to be amused. (Especially take note of the "gentlemen's package - shirt and tie in 'foppish red") Outfits for kitties. Any other well dressed pets out there?
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I don't like animals, but if I had a dog, it would be a dachshund, and I would make it wear a sweater in winter, and sunglasses and a bandana in summer.
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The wheatgrass cat.
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Has any animal lover ever asked the animal if they want to match clothes with the owner? Maybe the animal may think it garish or truly stupid to be wearing the same sweater, is it not enough that through the years we begin to look more like our spouses, but then we must begin to look similar to our animal friends as well....this is a practice that should be outlawed in the courts...allow your animal to make his or her own clothing decision, and if is not jumping into that sweater, let him use his natural given coat to stay warm, they may love you more...remember, as you put that sweater on your dog, as he walks down the street, you strutting proudly beside him, he may be the dog joke of the neighborhood and you would not have a clue....I just wonder how the pets would dress us in retaliation.
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LOL... I got $20 for whomever can get a sweater on my pet and still have more than 3 fingers left in the end.  Scale note:   That's a 36" bird tip to tip
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Hmmm carlo... nitrous gas? Possibly some animal tranquilizer hidden in the peanut butter? I bet I could get a sweater on your parrot in under 15 minutes... getting it off, however, is another story.
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i have a fat cat that doesnt like anything put on him so those nice kitty outfits arent gonna work my gf and mom both have dachshunds that wear/have worn sweaters.
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