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Dear Gap: if you do not make things in XS, I cannot wear them. Thx. I like the look of the roll-up shirt. For me, Western shirts need snap buttons or they don't count.
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Odd, when do these come out? I was at The Gap at 5th and Pine yesterday (supposed to have them) but they didn't carry them.
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The roll-up sleeve shirt would look great on anyone.
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Eason, they were released this morning.
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Originally Posted by hi-val View Post
Dear Gap: if you do not make things in XS, I cannot wear them.

Isn't Michael Bastian known for slim cuts?

Anyway, I'm off to class then afterwards to see if the roll up is decent. I should call them first to be sure though.
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I'd consider the roll up shirt if it made it to sales and if they came in XS as i'm sure it'll follow traditional Gap fits, but i don't have one in my area. I wouldn't really want to spend $60 on a gap shirt. ^^ to above: I'm a small in most things and sometimes a real slim medium, but even gap athletic fit smalls are a bit big on me. Not huge, but just where i don't like it. Button down smalls are definitely too big. I doubt this will run a full size smaller as it's for a gap audience.
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Remember when Gap was cool? Now its so blah. I'm not a fan of the designer editions or euro collection.
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Take it from somebody that has worked with company for five years+. The design collection never looks good in real life. They really skimp on the material used.
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Robocopped the roll-up shirt this afternoon, got the last one in small off the mannequin. The small is pretty slim fitting on me (38" chest, 31" waist), chronoaug an XS would definately be too small for you. I'll post pictures tomorrow if people want fit pics.
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Please do and let us know about the quality.
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yeah Eason I wanna see how that thing fits it on your next WAYWT. That said, I am pretty sure the upcoming CdG X H&M collaboration is gonna be a disaster. I bought a pair of pants from the signature collection recently, and while I like them for the relaxed basic piece it is, the quality ain't that much better than a pair of Gap (Japanese Gap though) khakis i bought a few days later.
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Sure thing, I'll get pics up when I get home from work. The quality of fabric is decent but not great. Basically the kind of fabric you'd expect on a BR oxford or something, it has a soft but thicker hand to it.
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has anyone checked out the girl stuff? My girlfriend and I are going tomorrow or the day after and want a little preview of how shit is
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I ordered the roll-up sleeve in small. If I'm brave enough I'll post a fit pick when it arrives.
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Looks like Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Three AsFour as well as Michael Bastian are doing the women's collection. I'll have to swing by the Mall of America soon to check it out. I wonder if this stuff is actually worth it, or if it'll go the way Issac Mizrahi's line for Target did and become synonymous with the lower end chain, rather than the higher end.
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