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Summer in Hong Kong means no room for my rotation will be something like: Pants: - 2 pairs of Yohji Yamamoto wide leg cotton pants (1 army green cargo, one black) - 1 pair of Comme des Garcons Homme Plus straight leg black cotton pants - 2 pairs of Gap khakis, extra slim fit (one navy, one beige) -1 pair APC Original Standards (may be too hot to wear these) -5 pairs of Dior Homme denim in varying styles and sizes for different fits. -2 pairs of 45 RPM sorahikos denim (one black washed, one indigo one wash that's pretty much washed by now) Button down shirts: - 6 or so white shirts with varying details from either Yohji Pour Homme or Y's T-shirts: - About 10 or so Yohji Pour Homme t-shirts in various styles, both short sleeve and long sleeve -Basic cotton crewneck/v-neck from either Y's or Muji, about 3-4 in rotation Belt: -only wear one belt, YY pour Homme black D-ring belt Shoes: -mostly sneakers, the same 3 pairs i have in rotation all along (Margiela, Converse, Lanvin) thats the one thing i like about living in a place this hot, don't need to think about getting dressed, just wake up, put on t-shirt pants and good to go.
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Montbell down jacket
Gap hoodie
patagonia raincoat or softshell

APC New Standards's
Halogen bootcuts
Paper Denim and Cloth slim boot somethingorother

Various screen-printed AA tees. occasionally an H&M button-down

only one, reversible brown/black polo

Saucony jazz
Van's slip-ons
florsheim imperials
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A t-shirt (mostly band shirts, some blank AA ones. Mostly black, grey or white)
Plus something over top (AA hoodie, a cotton or alpaca cardigan, a long sleeve, or a v-neck sweater)

Dry Bones DP-570 jeans

Lately mostly vans(slip ons, old schools, skate highs, or chukkas) and A-Life with the occasion Nikes (AM1, 90s, Stabs) thrown in.
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What I've been wearing this season so far... I try to wear a different pair of shoes every day but the go-to uniform has been U-Neck tee + Random Tank + whatever. Just ordered another white W+H one from peasant.

Nice Collective Militaryesque Jacket - Grey
Hare S/S M65 - Black
Hare 1 Button Blazer - Black
Bertoni Blazer 1 button Blazer - Grey
Vintage and Heavily Tailored Seersucker Blazer - White w/ Grey Stripes

Acne Max Raw
Acne Mic Blacktrash
APC NC - Grey

B. Son U Necks - White, Black, Slate
Acne U Neck - White
BoO - White
H&M Dress Shirts - White, Blue, White w/ faded black microstripes
Really lightweight APC Sweaters - Camel (crewneck) and Blue (V-Neck)

Leather Chuck Lows - Black
Leather Jack Purcells - White
Canvas Chuck Lows - White
Canvas Jack Purcells - Navy
Sperry Topsiders - White
Bally Semibrogues - Tan
Allen Edmonds Loafers - Tan
Allen Edmonds Park Aves - Cordovan
Clark's Desert Boots - Sand, Grey, Brown
Miu Miu Elflike Shoes - Brown

Theory Shorts - Grey, White
J Crew Shorts - Black, Red
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Worn at least 2x a month for fall:

Ironheart 634S
Earnest Sewn Fulton line dry
Earnest Sewn Hutch 89
5EP straight rigid
Earnest Sewn Hemingway Bonzai
PDC GTO 1Yr x 2
Griege dark tan moleskins
Parasuco olive moleskin jeans

Luciano Barbera field jackets x 2
Belstaff x 3 (Panther, XL500, Trialmaster)
Nice Collective x 3
Barbour ventile cotton 'parka'
Aero black horsehide cafe racer
Express black cotton cafe racer
Kiton mid-thigh length lightweight tweed coat
Domenico Vacca dark blue field jacket
YMC 'Berlin' jacket
EG brown cord Bedford

Appx 12 button up shirts, several blue chambray or denim and the Polo tan twill military shirts get worn the most
A drawer full of AA T's in various colors
Assorted grey knits
Varvatos olive wool hoody
Polo black wool sweater/jacket

Longhi black canvas belt with leather trim
RRL brown studded belt
RRL black double ring cinch belt
Custom made buffalo leather double ring cinch belt

Vass black shell cordovan boots
Vass brown Budapest boots
Marc Jacobs brown boots
Frye Brando
Mantellassi rough-out chukkas
Tony Lama buffalo leather cowboy boots
Santoni Thorpe
Vass custom Norwegers
Chucks in black and brown monotone

For spring/summer mostly I will be wearing:

Barbera navy linen field jacket
Davide Cenci tan linen Safari jacket
Dunhill unstructured tan linen blazer
Nice Collective x 3
Express black cotton cafe racer

White Purcells
Pantafolo D'Oro cream leather sneakers
Vass custom Norwegers
Mantellassi rough-out chukkas
Frye Brando
JM Weston dark blue 180 loafers

Jeans and other stuff should be mostly the same
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Pants: APC Rescues Our Legacy Chinos Shirts: Robert Gellar Brandless Thermals Thrifted Buttondowns Shoes: Jack Purcells Common Projects White suede Mids CT Jodhpurs
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90 percent of the time:

shoes: alden indy suede, sometimes white common project achilles

jeans: apc new standard, kohzo raws

shirts: random ass tee shirts, from uniqlo, james perse, varvatos, random free tee shirts etc., band of outsiders sometimes btu not really

outerwear:ndg deconstructed flight jacket, an arcteryx shell usually when its raining but mostly just the two hoodies below

hoodies: engineered garments thermal lined grey hoodie, wings and horn black tiger fleece...
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Hm, I thought there were more people who wore the same gear everyday on this forum.

Jacket: Iron Heart indigo rider's jacket with dark grey hoody underneath (the hoody never comes out)
shirt: I rotate through 6-8 t shirts. blank, band, supreme, GE, futura
jeans: TFH 3001
shoes: NB 992

that's it for the past month.
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All I wear

apc rescue
apc boots
uniqlo T
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Originally Posted by habia View Post
Hm, I thought there were more people who wore the same gear everyday on this forum.

What I posted sounds like a lot, but when I think about it i'm wearing the same look 90% of the time, and i wear the same clothes year in year out rather than updating every season. I definitely have less variety in my dress than most of the posters on here or superfuture.
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^Yeah that is something I would like to achieve someday in my wardrobe.

This is a little lame, but one thing my friend's father's secretary said to me the summer after I finished 8th grade while I was with my friend visiting his father in Tokyo really left a big impact on me.

She is Japanese and was explaining the way that she and, according to her, most other Japanese people, try to dress in the workplace and in personal life.

Clothes are a big part of self identity and the way other people recognize you. At the same though it is a little weird to wear literally the exact same thing everyday- people will notice and then you get into hygiene issues of people thinking you don't wash your clothes frequently enough.
In order to get around this the father's secretary was saying she mainly buys clothes from one designer and tries to get a lot of stuff from the same season with the goal of appearing the same everyday yet having different black shirts of the same material but with tiny details changed... some minor collar detail changed, slightly different button arrangement or something. Skirts of the same patterned textile but two or three different cuts.

That way she has a solid look which she associates with herself and others associate with her but those who are looking closely will notice that she is switching it up and not wearing her clothes literally everyday- causing them to wear out quickly, get dirty, etcetera.

Young and impressionable as they say.
I still haven't figured out any good brands yet, so I am trying to make do until I can find some great designer to wear for years.

I remember seeing a thread or two once about cutting down one's wardrobe to the bare minimum... something like

1 formal suit
1 skinny fashion suit
1 slim straight indigo pair of jeans
1 black jeans
3 button up shirts
4 t shirts

that sort of stuff. 1 or 2 of each basic to create a diverse wardrobe which could stay somewhat stylish for years if worn right.

For me though I think I would prefer to have something more like the 5 pairs of dior jeans you mentioned. A couple cuts (I am guessing 19cm and 21cm) with sized up and down waists to give the same look but to let you tweak it each day.
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Dior 21cms, faded Samurai s0500xx, new AA, white v-necks Misc. graphic t's (junkfood, obey) Misc. button ups (h&m, club monaco, BR) Gray cardgian or vneck if it's chilly (this is LA, so not often lately) Gray chucks PS Ricard boots And God damn do I want a pair of PSxTriumph Thunder boots, trying to resist getting the pair off eluxury. Someone please buy them before I do.
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for the spring i've been mostly going with:
apc rain parka
slick m65
uniqlo lightweight blazer

costume national homme
j.crew x 5
MJK (soon)
various AA tees/J.crew tees/band tees/uniqlo tees
aa white henley
uniqlo grey henley
hugo boss red label slim line shirts x 3

ndg shawl collar
apc cardigan
black aa hoodie
brown aa hoodie

common projects white achilles
vans authentics bone white (most worn)
black apcxnike
vans authentics black
allen edmonds in black and chile

apc new cure raw indigo
apc new cure grey
j. lindeberg black pants
costume national homme navy pants
j.crew chinos

hugo boss red label slim line
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
All I wear

apc rescue
apc boots
uniqlo T

I have a hard time believing this. You strike me as someone who would be one of the more eclectic dressers on this forum based on your posts. But if it is true, I am pleasantly surprised. Nothing beats a capsule wardrobe.
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Originally Posted by habia View Post
For me though I think I would prefer to have something more like the 5 pairs of dior jeans you mentioned. A couple cuts (I am guessing 19cm and 21cm) with sized up and down waists to give the same look but to let you tweak it each day.

I have one pair of really slim 19 cm broken dust wash, the rest is straight leg to regular slim. Probably not a desirable jeans fit by SF/Sufu standards...i just used to be really into Dior and would buy washed jeans every season. Not really something to aspire to. Come to think of it, the best Dior casual pants I bought are not jeans, but my very first Dior item which was the VOTC charcoal painted cords... For raw jeans I much prefer my APCs.
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