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Well the last thread on this was in 2007, so I guess I can start a new one.

What is everyone's favorite pizza? I love Domino's extra pepperoni, extra cheese, cooked just enough so the pepperoni is a little crunchy. Either that or Pizza Hut stuffed crust.

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Pizzeria Uno for chains. Zachary's and teh Cheese Board for teh Berkeley.
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If I'm goin for some nasty cheap pizza, I'll go Pizza Hut with pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, onion.

If I want something healthier/a little better, I'll take a Mediterranean style pizza on very thin crust.
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To JB, that's cardboard, not pizza. Zachary's in the Bay Area is on my all-time fav list along with Vito's in LA. Casa Bianca and Nicky D's in LA get honorable mentions.
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I do like a Pizza Slut Pan with pepperoni, sausage and japs...

Loved Fellinis in Atlanta with a couple of pitchers

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Nancys here in Chicago.
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Cheap and Easy = Little Caesar's Hot and Ready Pizza That Is Worth Every Penny and the Wait = Pizza Papalis
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^+1 on both detroit institutions (buddy's is great if you're not in a Chicago-style mood)
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yes, buddy's is also great stuff.
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Used to be if it was pizza I was about chorizo onions and jalapenos but these days the Capricciosa or Pizza funghi au truffle from basilico is almost definitively the way forward.
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In nyc: Grimaldi's, Arturo's, John's, and Joe's.
Had some amazing pizza in Genova at this little cafe in the main square
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Delivery pizza wreaks havoc on my stomach and intestines so i avoid it. There are 2 good places to go in gainesville that i frequent often. One is the closest to new york pizza i've had in florida with good ingredients and perfectly crispy crust. Another is a bit more rustic, hippie type place but with really well done pizza and nice flavor combinations. At the first place, Italian Gator, i keep it simple with pepperoni and/or ham. At the other place, Satchel's, i love the white pizza with steak, feta and fresh garlic.
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I like California Pizza Kitchen, esp the bbq chicken pizza.
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Wtf, a discussion on pizza that starts off with Dominos and Pizza Hut and then goes on to discuss Pizzeria Uno, Little Caesars and California Pizza Kitchen???

That's not pizza people!!!

I know several places in northern New Jersey that make amazing pizza, but I'm not about to reveal my secrets here.
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New River Pizza here in Fort Lauderdale is pretty good
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