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Jazz music

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I just bought Miles Davis - kind of blue and I have to rate it as the best Jazz album that I have ever heard. does anyone else own this album and what is your opinion of it? Second place - A love supreme by John Coltrane honorable mention - Giant steps - John Coltrane
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"Kind Of Blue" is f*cking amazing. Glad you like it. I'm a fan of jazz, but by no means an expert. "Kind Of Blue" was my first real jazz purchase, and I've probably listened to it 100 times since I bought it in high school. The Coltrane selections are winners as well. Also a big fan of "Birth of The Cool", by Miles. Great stuff on there. I need to get more Charlie Parker, as I love a lot of his stuff too. Lover Man, A Night In Tunisia, all great.
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Saying Kind of Blue is your favorite jazz album is like saying Michael Jordan is your favorite basketball player, but I agree, it is amazing.  My favorite jazz musician is John Coltrane.  You cannot go wrong with anything he ever produced (with the possible exception of the work after the Classic Quartet).  I recommend that you pick up Live at Birdland -- in my opinion, even better than A Love Supreme.
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Ambulace chaser, I never said it was my favorite, I said it was the best jazz album that I have ever heard. But it could become my favorite after a few more listenings.
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I really love Blues, but Jazz never really did it for me.
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It has been long debated that Kind of Blue is the All-Time Best Jazz Album ever. So, you are clearly off to a good start. I could go on for a long while with a list of must have Jazz CD if you are building your collection. I used to be involved with a High-end audio group and we were always searching for the best recordings and most realistic performances as if we were there. It was a blast listening to some of these albums or cds on 100k+ stereo components, properly set up and getting to sit in the sweet spot. (Note: I was not one of the few that had an expensive hifi. - I settled in around the 9-10k level, and was quite content there). If you need any suggestions, i'd be happy to post. Stevo
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Let me lists some of my favorites. Dave brubeck "Time out" If you haven't heard , take five yet run to the store and get this album. Brubeck is apparently still touring my dad saw him play just recently hes 84 Lester Young is great swing and very good company for vocalists. Best stuff is before WWII and right after. Errol Garner should not be missed, I would describe him as sophisticated swing. Dizzy Gillespie is my pick for trumpet even over miles I may just preffer be-bop sue me. Also see Charlie Parker, Chic Corea, Sun ra, Albert Ayler Ok in all seriousness just go here if you need some good jazz suggestions Jazz 101
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If you haven't already, pick up "Sketches of Spain." Also, Bill Evans' amazing "Waltz for Debbie" and "Sunday at the Village Vanguard." And the album on constant rotation in the CD player is "Getz and Gilberto: Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim." Melts stress at any time day or night.
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Rot, Three outstanding albums. Bill was just a master. And don't forget Gil. Stevo
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I don't have any Gil Evans. Do you have suggestions for a first time buy? I tend to the Great American Songbook and cool school stuff rather than bop, be-bop or post-bop. Although Coltrane, Mingus, Dizzy et al. are always welcome at the table. Interestingly (to me anyway) "The Girl From Ipanema" is the only song which consistently quiets my 7 week old daughter during a crying jag.... Nurture or nature? Hmmm.
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Try The Gil Evans Orchestra "Out of the Cool on MCA's Impulse. Be sure to check out his bio and discography at All Music.com Stevo
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This is kind of cool, too. To see how your favs were influenced, and influencing others, check out www.musicplasma.com
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Picked up "The Definitive Jimmy Smith" today at Borders. I went in to waste some time before my next class and they were playing it over the PA. Really good stuff, am going to have to get some more stuff by Jimmy Smith. If you like the organ or hard bop, he's your man. Only problem is the CD only has 7 tracks, so I don't know how definative it is, although many of the tracks are around the 7-10 minute mark.
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One cannot go wrong studying the music of Miles Davis in great depth.  It is a road into the heart of modern jazz.  I say this for a couple reasons.  First, because Miles had a long and productive career.  His work covers the genre from bebop (Miles played in Charlie Parker's band) to fusion (which, arguably, Miles created) and beyond. Second, almost every great jazz player of his time can be heard on Miles Davis recordings.  He played with them all - Gerry Mulligan, Kenny Clarke, Philly Joe Jones, Gil Evans, Horace Silver, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul ... I'm running out of breath and just getting started.   In a couple weeks, I'll be hearing alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett in New York, with Pharoah Sanders.  Mr. Garrett was in Miles's last band.  So, my point is, the recordings of Miles Davis lead one to the work of so many other outstanding artists. Miles bragged that he had "changed music" numerous times, and it's true.  He did that not with just with his trumpet, but as a band leader who never was content to stand still.  Always Miles was questing for new sounds and he was an unequalled judge of talent in others.  When he would hear a hot new player his first thought was - "How would that guy sound with that other new guy I heard?"  And soon both of them would be in his band. Oh yeah, I dig Miles the most.  By the way, his autobiography, dictated to Sidney Troupe, is fascinating and hilarious.  Nobody used the words mo^%er fu*&er more often, or more creatively, than Mile Davis.
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I love Pharoah, Creator has a Master Plan is amazing. Stevo
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