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Lands End Tailored Fit is pretty good. You won't find a large selection in that Tailored Fit cut (and their other cuts are pretty chunky) and it's not the most fashionable, but I've found them to have good quality stuff that fits well, at a slightly higher price point than Zara.
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Ummm... what? There are tons of options in between... but if you look out for sales and on Ebay you can get any of the better "above 1k" brands in your price range. That goes for anything though. Unless you're pressed for a new suit, I'd say just be patient. S&K/Men's Wearhouse/Baccarat I think are lower quality than H&M... and they're cheaper too. Zara's clothes I also think are of rather poor "shinny" quality, and it's super over priced compared to mall brands that are substantially better. H&M on the other hand has come a long way. The quality, fabrics, look, fit and finish of their clothing has improved. Maybe it's just the way it fits right without the need for tailoring, but I like their dress clothes, and even the suits. While I don't own any H&M suits, I wouldn't be opposed to it at all. I've owned several of their dress shirts and have gotten years of heavy wear out of them. Anyway, there are tons of options. You could buy CK/RL/Jones New York/Michael Kors/Alfani/... any suit they sell at Macys (they all look like they're made from the same company) for very little (cheaper than H&M even) on sale. The quality is decent and their selection is good. The mall brands like Banana Republic, J. Crew, Express (eh) are pretty good options for a $250-$400 suit. Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Theory, Hugo Boss, Jos. A Bank are all better than mall brands (depends on the JAB line) and overlap the more exclusive brands as well. You could find a suit for $500-$700 easy... and 2 for that money at JAB. You can't go wrong for an MTM suit at $400-$600 at Thick as Thieves. You won't find that kind of deal anywhere else on our shores.
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JohnnyLaw thanks a million!

I'm loving the fit of Tiger of Sweden stuff on me
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The in between ground is buying a $1500 suit for $600 on here or ebay.
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h&m suits ain't that bad at all
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Matinique would be a possibility. Nothing special but decent quality (certainly a step up from H&M or Zara) and a very nice slim cut. I have 3 suits from there (plus a couple of odd jackets) and am very pleased with them.
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I think a lot of you are missing the point. For a lot of the people who would want to buy a suit from a place like H&M/Zara, they have a certain body type that prevents them from walking into most places and buying a suit. I know for me, that includes ebay/styleforum. If there is a decent-looking 38R going up at a good price, it is usually gone in an hour or two, since so many people are looking for that brand.

How long is it going to take you to find what you want in that sort of size? Months? I think the OP is looking for a middle range place that you can walk in and buy something that fits and is stylish. Whether or not this place exists, is another story.
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