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Belvest vs. Isaia - 2008

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There have been some good threads on Belvest and Isaia in the past (see Grimslade's June, 2006 thread, for example), but I have some questions that didn't come up in the earlier threads.

I'm suit-hunting and would like to consider both brands (both are available at STP). I have an Isaia suit (Sirio A model) and sports jacket (Sirio G again) and really like them. My questions concern how Belvest compares. So first, is the quality comparable? One slightly better than the other? Second, what style would Belvest represent? Roman (more structured), Neapolitan (less structured, some drape), something else?

Any other points of comparison?
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i have both and am a big fan of belvest. i like isaia but when i wear it i find that i say to myself this is a nice jacket, a lot like kiton but the fabrics are less nice (though still great), and other little nits to that effect. I don't find myself saying that with belvest. to me, they are more of their own style. They're from No East Italy (I believe Verona) and the style is more Milanese, than Roman in my opinion.

One caution with Belvest as I have seen and tried models that I didn't like at all. The fit and cut were just wrong. I'd suggest trying them out but only in situations where you can return them with no hassles. It is also one of a few brands that I'm willing to pay full retail for, though recently I've seen significant price inflation from them (more than euro issue) as I think they're attempting to go more upscale.

also their website is totally unflattering compared to the product they produce. one other disclaimer, i believe that they alter their silhouettes some based on the store. So for example, the one that Louis carries seem slimmer and lighter construction. I could be wrong on this and it might be totally accounted for by model name but I never really bother to check the tags and slips for that level of info; i just judge by the way it fits and feels and looks

good luck; you'll be well served by either choice
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From my experience, Isaia and Belvest have totally different cut. Belvest does not have a soft soulder and jacket boday has very little if any waist suppresion. Also, most of their 3 button jackets I've tired on do not roll , so its a hard 3 button jacket. Qulity wise , I think they are compareable, but the cut of Belvest is just not flattering for someone who is in shape.
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As horton very astutely pointed out, not all Belvests are created equal. At least in my experience, there are quite dramatic differences in the ones that are "made for...X" (Neiman Marcus, for example), as opposed to just the straight label.
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I think Belvest have had a lot better fabrics recently and I like that their 2 buttons a lot. Isaia items are wonderful too but they use some very strange patterns of fabric recent;y in their RTW.

The one thing I do notice is that the Belvest fabrics recover from wrinkles better than most other items.
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Originally Posted by rssmsvc View Post
Isaia items are wonderful too but they use some very strange patterns of fabric recent;y in their RTW.

I've also noticed what I call outlandish patterns in recent Isaia RTW. Much of it is too outlandish to have as part of a regular rotation of a modest collection. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of buying a very oddly colored striped Isaia RTW on deep discount. I'm glad it was on discount because I rarely wear it. I liked the suit when I bought it but not so much now.
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