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Tie width?

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Yet another poll. The grenadine tie thread is going on at length about width. Thought I'd see what the preference is. Also, do you think it should coordinate with your own "width"? Or can skinny guys wear wide ties, and vice versa?
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Hmm.. somehow the choices got out of order. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
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Anywhere from 3 1/2" to 4" seems OK now. I dread the return to the skinny ties of the early 80s (and I fear they're on the way). Anything less than 3" just seems out of proportion (at least on my body).
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j, it looks like the results of your poll aren't going to be too useful as so far everyone has picked a diff response...
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I know. We need about 5000 more responses here people.
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The width of the tie should be in proportion to your body. Given my height (6"1") and waist(44"), I think 4" looks much better than say 3.5" or 3". Your suit lapels and shirt collars also need to be in proportion -- wide ties look quite silly when worn with suits with skinny lapels or shirts with small collars (I wear moderate spread collars that are 3 3/4" long). In addition, the tie should be long enough to reach the middle of your belt buckle (which in turn depends on how high you wear your trousers) while providing for the right sized tie knot (which also depends on the width of the lining materials) -- small knots look quite silly on heavy-set men. In my general experience, most RTW ties fail on at least one of these criteria. My bespoke ties are all 64" long, 4" wide at the base, around 2.75" wide approximately 20" from the base to allow for a nice knot with a dimple (the ties taper a lot so that they remain hidden under the collar) and lined with thick wool lining. I always use a four-in-hand knot.
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C'mon dude, you know you want to whip out the tape measure...
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I picked 2 - 2 1/2" as my preference... but i can do fine with larger sizes as well. 2 - 2.5" is not even THAT skinny... the really skinny ties a la Dior Homme, older Helmut Lang are 1.25" I believe. I generally pick slim suits that have thinner lapels, so a skinny tie is required.
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around 3.5 seems to always work. Our audience is generally most interested in 'classic' over trendy so we generally vary between 3.5 and 3.75. Honestly, it depends on which tailor folded it so it can be a real pain when someone asks :-) ...and try telling two Italians to agree on one measurement and stick to it (if you run fast or wear Kevlar)
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I like them around 3" or maybe 3-1/4" because I am a pretty narrow guy. I think wider ties look ridiculous on me, like I'm wearing dad's clothes or something. I don't think 3" is that extreme, but it's certainly not the norm.
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