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How ethical is this?

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As some of you might have read LAguys review on my new store Drinkwater's, in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. I have been tempted on occassion to respond to queries about product but do not want to use the Forum for self promotion. Is it ethical to respond to someones needs by saying I've got that or I have this available for you, etc. I know I can forfill many desires but want to stay neutral if this is not right. Can I hear from you on this or if this has been a question before. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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For instance, someone posted a recommendation for a particular product and I have it in stock. Should I and is it ethical of me to to promote this type response on the Forum.
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I think it is alright, if done in response to others comments and in a limited fashion. Certainly, Carlos, FIH, and Rider use this site to promote their products, but again in a limited and subtle way; in general, their comments are not really heavily promotional, but rather are fairly educational in content. I would suggest you search for their posts and see how they do it. I think most forum participants find these postings worthwhile.
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What I have found is that nobody objects to you being in business as long as you use a real subtle, sneaky approach like "Hey, I have that for sale if interested".'s them stealth marketers that most find distasteful.
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It might be tougher for you to accomplish this as a brick and mortar operation than Carlos, FIH, and Rider who I believe all have websites we can access to view wares. A particular review of Jay Kos re: on another thread immeadiately popped into my head to with this subject. Here's the quote:
I would agree with everyone here. Prices are somewhat insulting, not only Jay Kos believes his customers are not savy enough to take a plane overseas but also are incapable of crossing a block to find the exact same clothing or shoes for much less and on Madison. The owner himself was not the most pleasant individual, when I inquired about the price of a beautiful cashmere 3 buttons jacket, he gave me an outrageous price. I sighted and thanked him and moved on to another rack, he looked at me and said "Your hermes briefcase cost much more than this jacket, why not try it?". I snapped back that at that price the jacket should not be tried on but made for me. He retreated to the back of the store. That was 2 years ago and I will most likely never set foot again there.
I personally would do the same thing. What is most important in your position is to educate vs. making the hard sell. Especially in a removed situation as the www creates, just think of how tough it is to convey tone over an email. Carlos, FIH, and Rider's presence here greatly educates all of us b/c they know their subject literally inside and out. Demonstrating this knowledge would most likely make me gravitate to a seller like them. The fact they may have sales as a result of their contributions is perfectly fine with me. My $.02
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I've got no problem with answering a question when it's posed. It's a chance to educate--and if someone is looking for something specific, and you have it in stock, I don't think there's an issue.
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Now the important question... Whatchya got? Huh? Huh? Whatchya got???
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I don't think there's much issue, but it may be better to send someone a personal message, rather than putting it up on the board if it's not to the benefit of more than one person.
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The 'official' policy hasn't really been laid down. No one has yet forced me to do so, and I think it's working well the way it has been going. The important thing to remember is that while you (vendors in general, not Mr Drinkwater specifically) can come on here and promote your store, if one of us goes to said store or orders something from you and gets bad service, you will be mercilessly torn apart and probably lose potentially valuable customers. This would undoubtedly go more for the more blatant self-promoters. This probably should lead to a more conservative attitude toward 'selling', as opposed to 'educating', on the forum.
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Carlo, Having worked for Louis for thirteen years, Mr. Sid, three and a half and Stonestreets almost nine years you can imagine what my choices could be. I have many good industry freinds who have supported me in this scary endeavor. Sure, I could have choosen very high end merchandise and be cookie cutted from the mentioned but I choose to come in modestly with respected brands. To name a few, Nick Hilton who's clothing has in my eye, arrived. Southwick, who have a new designer (Louis Alum) and piece good person, have a fresh new updated look with the quality returned to a once sought after American garment. Schneiders, outerwear to die for. Robert Talbott shirts and ties. Paraboot and Loake footwear and as our tag line says, lots of "Great Mens Clothes". As you can probably tell by my response, I'm very excited about what we've ( my better half included, we met at Louis) created and our customers are pleased with what we have done. I invited any Inquiries at 617-547-2067 and I will follow the advice given me by fellow forum members Thanks for your interest.
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Well, I feel that when we 'retailers' have something to promote, it should be listed in the Buy and Sell area. The only time I have actively promoted any of my goods in the Clothing forum is in response to posts about my goods from Forum members - none that I started. I enjoy reading/posting information, whether it pertains to my business or not. What I have really enjoyed is the private conversations with Forum members. I think it is pretty obvious when someone is here just to sell as opposed to being an active participant in numerous topics. The core group of posters here will chase someone away quickly who adds little to the forum. Oh, and get out of the shoe business...and don't ever let me hear you communicated with... BTW, tell me about
Schneiders, outerwear to die for
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What's your about shoes? What would you like to know about Schneiders?
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If you're going towards a more specific self-promotion, there's always the Buying and Selling forum.
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