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Help needed

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I just returned from a business trip, and sadly saw that I lost a pair of trousers from my new once worn RLPL suit. I bought the sucker off ebay, and am sick to my stomach that I only got one wear out of it. Do you know if it is possible, or how I would go about buying a replacement/finding a replacement pair? I appreciate any ideas or suggestions as to how I can replace these. Thanks, -Andy
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Inside the breast pocket of your jacket you will find a production ticket. This states all the essential things about the suit (manufacturer, size, cloth, color of thread etc.). Scan it and contact Ralph Lauren if they are able to help. Even if the manufacturer has still cloth available to make up a new pair of trousers, there might be a difference in color (different batch, different degrees of wear and dry cleaning between jacket and trousers). Can you wear the jacket on its own as a sport coat? On the other hand, you might be lucky and receive in the next few days a packet containing your trousers.
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I just showed my wife your post, describing it as "one of my worst nightmares.". What hotel did you stay in? I would suggest immediately calling the front desk, and seeing what might be found; often, the better hotels will track things like that down for you. really, you don't have many options here; you can't even have new trousers made, as they won't look the same if not cut from the same bolt of cloth. other than that, looks like you've just got a blazer/ sportcoat.
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It would still be worthwhile contacting RL in this instance. Assuming the suit was almost new, they might be able to make up a pair of matching trousers, but this depends on how tightly they regulate their dyes etc. Some manufacturers claim to have standardised the colours of their cloths - it seems impossible, given that there is so much variation even in the pigments that they're supplied with, but I'm sure they're not telling porkies (lies).
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