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Retail is appx. $595.00 at Barney's.
How do they get away with that??? I know the factory...good, honest shoes - for $295. Like most of the Italians, they manufacture a wide range of patterns and constructions; many good, most very good, and some excellent. I'm told that Harris' Norwegian stitchers are some of the best - a small team that produces two pair per week, per man. The Blake shoes are very good, assuming a fair price. It's ashame some retailers take such a high markup, unfairly raising the expectations of certain products. In this case, Barney's would be getting a fair margin at the half-price clearance sale.
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How do they get away with that???
Good question, I suppose it is because they are Barney's. They have a right to ask whatever they want for them, but I wish people were better educated. The more the customer knows, the better the goods will be, and the fairer the prices. I feel the same way about almost all the Blake-stitched Italian shoes on the US market. I personally like the Harris shoes better than Gravati, Testoni, Martin Dingman, Barrett etc. which all fetch similar prices (side note, for fair prices on Gravati shoes, check out www.francos.com. I commonly see these shoes offered at $500-$600 elsewhere.) They are nicer than Mantellassi's lower priced line as well. Harris offers a great value at discount, but I certainly wouldn't buy them at full price. Better to go with Rider's Martegani's. Of course, this phenomenon is not limited to Italian shoes - Church's are extremely overpriced, as are C&J standard-grade shoes in some locations. Lobbs are overpriced too.
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if you bought the pairs of Harris shoes at retail at Marshalls with all of the warranty and merchantability protections that a person accrues from buying at a retailer, and now intend to hold them until the current glut passes and then resell them on Ebay without those protections, can you please explain to me the value you have added?
Another point, Marshalls is not a retailer. They are a reseller, jobber, etc., just like me, except bigger.
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Marshalls. Not a retailer. A jobber-- just like you, only larger. And your principal claim to fame in your "jobbing" endeavors must no doubt be your... honesty, right?
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Marshalls. Not a retailer. A jobber-- just like you, only larger. And your principal claim to fame in your "jobbing" endeavors must no doubt be your... honesty, right?
Totally uncalled for poltroonery.
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From what I have seen, Mr. Harris offers some of the best values on ebay, relative to the quality of the goods he is offering. To suggest that he is in some way price gouging seems patently unfair and ill-advised. That Mr. Harris has the resources and accumen to uncover excellent bargains should not presuppose that he offer the fruits of these labors with no thought of remuneration, particularly as he makes it clear this is one of the ways in which he makes a living. He appears to have an excellent understanding of the intrinsic value of goods (particularly shoes) and also what constitutes a fair value for their resale. Someone earlier mentioned that Mr. Harris is offering a service to those folks who do not have the same resources available to them, and I believe that is the case. If you wish to go scout out and purchase some great bargains and extend your largesse to the general public, that is your prerogative Mr. Armscye (I have done this on a couple occasions in very particular circumstances, but would never dream of doing it week in and week out without some form of financial compensation). I think you are way off base however in your accusations here, and owe Mr. Harris an apology.
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Harris how dare you try to make a profit You are ruining the ebay utopia. But I'm not worried soon free shipping will be a human right and then we'll see you try and make a profit (hahaha ... you tool ).
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And your principal claim to fame in your "jobbing" endeavors must no doubt be your... honesty, right?
Actually yes, I am a very honest person. Providing an honest service that many people greatly appreciate. You don't seem to be one of them, which is your prerogative. I have no wish to argue with you, but if you make posts assaulting my character, I am of course obliged to reply.
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Andrew, Could you please pick me up a Barbera, a St. Andrews, and an Oxxford in either a 39 or 40R? I'd like at least one charcoal pinstripe, a dark grey glenplaid with a blue overcheck, and probably a charcoal flannel. I've arranged for a Paypal payment of $1200, and I hope this covers all three suits. If it does not, you'll just have to cover the difference. I trust that's not a problem. I'd go out and try to find such amazing deals myself, but of course my time is worth money (quite a bit actually) and it just seems to make more sense to have you shop for me for free.
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Andrew, I just received the Harris loafers. They fit like a glove, despite my earlier worries. Thanks. Could you drop me a comment on ebay? I'll do the same for you. On the sizing, I got a pair of those Caldozeria Harris loafers from Andrew at a good price. The toe is long, but not unreasonable. I have pretty standard feet, wear 8.5D (or 43) for most European shoes, ie. Church's, Santoni, Rossi.....and US9.5 in American sizing. The Harris 9.5 fit me perfectly. The size on the shoe and box indicate 9.5 too, which I guess is quite strange for European shoes, even those sold in the US.
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- posted in wrong thread
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