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FS: Margiela, Cloak, Gustavolins, PBj, NDG, etc

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Prices include shipping throughout the United States- for shipping to an international location, please PM me. Please add 4% for paypal

FYI I'll also be putting other items up for sale later this week:
-\thelmut lang bondage strap tee (sz 50)
-\tprada grey wool zip up cardigan (sz 50)
-\thelmut lang olive trousers (from 1998- sz 48) BNWT
-\topening ceremony dark red wool cardigan (sz M) BNWT
-\tpure blue japan raw indigo jeans (sz 31)


Up for sale is an awesome Hussein Chalayan jacket. Not sureif this brand is too popular with the folks here, so I'll give this a detailed rundown. I bought it for $830 in LA, and I've worn it less than ten times. Ireally hate to let this go, but it's unfortunately just not my size. It's slightly too big. The tags says sz 48 but I think this would be best for a sz 50 or a 52.

Chalayan in very avant-garde in his designs, and this jacket is no exception. I tried to take pictures of all the unique details (there are tons!), and hopefully some descriptions below will help you vision the jacket better.

A large amount of work was obviously put into this jacket, with excellent tailoring and materials. The zippers used are all Lampo. The material is 100% cotton. The color of this jacket is a washed black, closer to a dark gray.

The hood on this jacket rolls up and is held into place by three straps. One strap buttons down onto the back of the jacket, and two straps are on each side and loop through a piece of metal as shown on the shoulders. When the hood is not rolled up or when one is wearing the hood, the straps fall into the jacket and can't be felt.

The entire piece is lined with a mesh like fabric. The mesh is very fine, and the lining is very comfortable. Chalayan also designed the armpits with grommets and the chest near the shoulders with openings to provide ventilation. There are drawstrings on the back ofthe jacket that help adjust the fit. Lastly, there are also two zip-pockets on the front of the jacket as well as one zipped-pocket on the inside of the jacket.

Asking price: $400

Shoulder to shoulder: 19"
Pit to pit: 22.5"
Total length: 27"

I brightened this photo soyou could see the lining inside

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Next up for sale is a Martin Margiela knitted shawl collar wool cardigan in black. This was the first piece to sell out at both the NYC and LA stores. I purchased this at the LA MMM store for around $675. Size medium.

The knitting on this piece is downright amazing! It uses four different knitting patterns throughout the piece- it's a bit hard to explain in words, but the photos should be able to describe it better than I can. I was talking to Renato the SA over at the MMM store, and he said the wool on this cardigan was treated so it doesn't pill and isn't itchy and scratchy like some of Margiela's other wool. This piece uses real horn buttons and is pretty much brand new.

Asking price: $400


Shoulder to shoulder: 19"
Pit to pit: 20.5"
Overall length: 28"

Close-up of the knitting
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Next up for sale is a Cloak FW04 elbow strap blazer. This piece doesn't really need much introduction here so here's a quick rundown- its made out of a wonderful washed black/charcoal cotton and closes with two antiqued brass buttons. My favorite detail is on the shoulders- I'm not sure how to describe it..almost like shoulder caps? Other details include the modified peak lapels, functional sleeve buttons, angled front pocket flaps, and the elbow straps of course. The piece is double vented and has 7 pockets. A breast pocket on the front, 2 front pockets (which each have two pockets inside), as well as two interior pockets, one on each side.

This piece is like new- tried it on once, then realized its way too long on my frame.

Asking price: $600

Shoulder to shoulder: 17.25"
Pit to pit: 21"
Sleeves: 27.5"
Total length: 31"

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I also have for sale a Gustavo Lins men's wool blazer, size 2, brand new w/ tags. The blazer is made of soft dark grey wool, and has a few dark plum leather accents on it. it doesn't have any buttons, but instead it closes with three very subtle hook and eye closures. the look when closed is very sleek, as the front doesn't have any buttons on it at all. The blazer features very elegant tailoring, with the classic gustavolins cut w/ the signature "t" on the back, and the exterior sleeve buttons are hidden and flush. it's fully lined, and has 3 internal pockets - 2 behind the front two pockets, and one hidden slit one inside the left chest. it has 3 external pockets - 1 on the left chest, two on the body w/ a little leather piping. the back of the collar is also leather - it's a suede-like, dark plum leather. the grey / deep purple leather combo is quite nice. the whole blazer is filled w/ subtle details to make it clean, simple, and a little unique. Asking price: SOLD
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Where's the NDG?
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I think that grey blazer looks amazing.
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I want that Gustavo Lins blazer in my size.
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Alright folks, here's the NDG.

Up for sale is a Nom De Guerre red cool cardigan; size medium; BNWT. Purchased from Opening Ceremony in LA for $285, I found it to be too long on me (I'm only 5 foot 7) and never got around to wearing it. This has all the usual tailoring and craftsmanship associated with Nom De Guerre. The color of red is best represented in the close-up photo with the button. It's definitely not a fire engine red- a bit darker and more complex. It also features extra long cuffs and gorgeous wooden buttons.

Asking price: $SOLD

17" shoulders
20.5" pit to pit
28" total length

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This piece doesn't really need much introduction here. Up for sale is a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-004 jeans, size 31. Hot soaked once. Gently worn for a two weeks or so. There is very very little fading behind the knee and in the crotch area. I realize bootcuts aren't the most popular around here, but these can be tailored to a straight leg or even a tapered leg if you desire. It will not affect the selvedge line b/c you narrow the leg out in the inseam- not the outseam. Purchased brand new from Blue in Green.

Asking price: $100

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Holy shit that NDG is beautiful, pinoy. I'll see if I can muster up some economic stimulus over the weekend, but if not, someone get on that.
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pm me the inseam on the pure blues
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Could you take a fit pic on the MMM?
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if only i had 600 floating around for the gustavolin..
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I have no clue why I my edits on the thread won't save.. in any case...


Gustavolins- $600 -> $550
Cloak FW04 blazer- $600 -> $550
MMM cardigan- $400 -> $365

Also, here's an old WAYWT fit pic on the MMM cardigan. I am wearing a sz small version in the photo- the one for sale is a sz medium, brand new.
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