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No, deleting the installer programs will not effect the installed programs. You just won't be able to install them again without downloading the installers again. You shouldn't need to install them again, but if you have room on your drive and they're not a trouble, you can just as easily keep them around. Think of it this way, when you buy software on a CD you put the CD in the drive, and install it, and then the CD comes back out of the computer and into a pile on your desk. Err, into its case and nicely onto the shelf, I mean. Anyway, the CD contains the installer programs, and you don't need them in most cases once the software is installed. So, yes, you may, if you wish, delete the installer programs by right-clicking and selecting delete, or by dragging them to the Recycle Bin. I don't know about your MTU, that's a pretty advanced setting that probably won't have any bearing on your computer's speed although it may effect your Internet connection speed. If you're not sure about it, don't mess with it. If you want more speed for your computer in general, like I said, a memory (RAM) upgrade will probably be the most significant and cost effective thing you can do. Ad Aware should be able to detect everything it can detect even with your browser running. However, if it needed to fix something, you would need to shut down your browser. It would probably tell you to do so at that point. I don't use Grisoft, but you will have to find its options / settings / preferences and set it not to run every time you start Windows. HTH.
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i just want to thank everyone for their advice. i'm down to only 6 viruses now but none of them seem to be effecting the computer in a noticeable way. interestingly, i've run grisoft, systemsuite, and norton, and they each find different viruses.
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Jesus, eleven and a half years on the necro? That's gotta be some kind of record.
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