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It may sound strange, but Joe clothing from Superstore has actually put out some really nice stuff this spring. I picked up a pair of really slim chinos for $24 that are a light weight cotton. They have short sleeve shirts in some nice styles (camp, safari, other) for cheap ($14-16). A slim cut polo for $10. Some nice pieces.

It's worth having a look.

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Awesome. Thanks. I don't think I can easily get Uniqlo from here in Vantown but the RLs look like pretty much what I'm after.
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Well hey, I can always use a slim polo or two, but my concern would obviously be with the quality. I don't like clothes clogging up my rack that are going to be unwearable after 5-10 days in them.
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anyone tried these? a bit pricier for jcrew

Italian chino classic-fit suit pant
$118.00\t\t item 81554

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I'd assume they fit like the other classic fits. IMO their officer's chino with a taper job would be a better value.
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For a tall skinny frame, J.crew- no. Uniqlo's are the best fitting, but I just dont like the oatmeal color. The search continues...
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they're kinda pricey ($190 retail) but I really dig the Shipley & Halmos waxed cotton chinos I got last month

mine are in a navy color, but I just tried some on a few weeks ago that were in a greenish/teal that were nice (but not sure what I'd wear em with) and the gal at American Rag said more colors were arriving by now. I think a true khaki color was in the delivery

the fit is great, a true slimfit and I dig the faux selvedge they sew on the seams, really clean construction
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Dockers City Chinos I find them to fit a lot better in the seat and thighs than J Crew's. Cheaper too.
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i actually just got some of those BDG chinos from...urban outfitters...which i hate but they are the best ones ive come across and for 44 bucks, you dont have much to lose they arnt super slim but they have the more tapered bottoms ive found
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Is J-Crew chinos true to size or vanity?
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X-post from WAYWT:
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Originally Posted by Mr. Potato View Post
Dockers City Chinos

I find them to fit a lot better in the seat and thighs than J Crew's. Cheaper too.

Any pics of you wearing them? I'm debating whether to buy them or not since I'd get them pretty cheap with my Levi's employee discount
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I find Uniqlo chinos slim & CHEAP!
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I just buy whatever chino is on sale and have them altered by a tailor and give them my thigh, knee, ankle measurements and the results are very good. The slimmest chinos I've come across without having to jump up to designers is GAP, though the ankle needs to be tapered a little bit because otherwise it looks like a boot cut. I hear Uniqlo makes some slim ones as well.
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My april 77 khakis are nice for ultra slim looks but i kinda want a pair of Our Legacy chinos from Tres Bien shop. They have them in khaki, navy and grey and they seem really nice. I wish some US retailers carried the line as i like some of the pieces.
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ot, but chrono have you seen the tres bien x our legacy collab shirt? just announced. pretty dope looking, great for summer, but pretty expensive too.
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