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Slim fitting chinos / pants

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I'm looking into chinos and other casual pants with a slimming cut to them. There's a big thread in MC about where to go for slim fit dress shirts, anyone have similar suggestions for pants?
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Get a pair with details you like and get them tailored. Chinos, even slim fit chinos, generally aren't slim enough for me but I make do with a pair I got for work. They are RRL and I've recently taken to rolling them which also makes them look a good deal slimmer. The details on them are great. Unfortunately I bumped into something in the warehouse at work and got a chemical on them that took some of the color out. It's not extremely noticable but it still hurt a little.

Here's a picture of them:
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There was that godly post on WAYWT from I don't remember whom with a navy blazer, white tee with a black and white photo print, and those deep khaki pants...I imagine if the pants were hemmed they'd fit nicely.
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They look good, though an true judgment is hard to render while you're sitting down. Tailoring... sigh. I already have to do the same with most of my shirts, so I guess it's unsurprising. Actually, that reminds me, I have to make another thread.
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Oh no da bandana!! Also, I can't recall if this was the first pair or second pair I got. I had to return them the first time. These might be the second pair when they first came as they were very wrinkled off the rack but most of that has fallen out. They haven't been washed.
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try Gap
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^I'll go Gap (or more likely BR) if I have to and tailor from that, but I'd prefer some quality and might be more likely to start with RLPL / Polo or something if I have to get them slimmed. Hopefully warlok1965 won't mind me stealing his waywt pic for a demonstration of the kind of fit I'm looking for:
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J. Crew classic cut for spring/summer are skinny and cheap.
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Yeah for that fit you don't even need to go to a high end store to get something that slim. Jcrew has everything you are looking for. I have some regulars that look about like that. And if you get their slim fit or classic you will be even better off. Plus they are always really cheap on their website.
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oni killer chino. saw them on sufu once and thought they were awesome. blueingreen used to stock em too.
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shipley and halmos make excellent slim chinos...slimmest i've tried on to date. too bad they cost $195

but if you don't care about value/bang for your buck, i'd say these are the best ones out there in terms of fit and overall look

also, steven alan makes these work chino-esque pants called "layman pants" - excellent slim fit as well, but definitely more cas than your avg chino because of the triple needle stiching on the side
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j.crew's vintage cut is their "slim" model. they're not super slim but easily tailor-able if you want them slimmer.
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Originally Posted by stickonatree View Post
j.crew's vintage cut is their "slim" model. they're not super slim but easily tailor-able if you want them slimmer.
Looking at their website, I assume you mean the classic fit? It looks like the slimmest one there. Edit: Steven Alan website has layman cords in my size for 50 bucks. Solid enough deal, then I go to international checkout and shipping to Canada is 70 DOLLARS. Excuse me?
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Ralph Lauren Easton Lightweight Slim Chino Uniqlo Vintage Flat Front Chino's Levi's 511 Twill Acne Incotex Also: Zara H&M As for GAP, I just returned a pair I bought online as they weren't slim enough. If anyone knows of a GAP chino that is slimmer cut than their "surplus khaki," I'd be interested as I now have $44 in GAP credit.
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Awesome. Thanks. I don't think I can easily get Uniqlo from here in Vantown but the RLs look like pretty much what I'm after.
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