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Opinion on these shoes

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For those of us "balling on a budget," what do you think of these shoes? They're something to wear with jeans, etc., while out and about. or, what about these?
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First, I don't like shiny black shoes with jeans. That's just me. Not to say I don't have lots of shiny black shoes, I just don't use them with jeans. Second, you'd do much better, value-wise, to pick up some of those Loakes that Charles Tyrwhitt has on 50% off right now. Better (though obviously not the best) leather, better construction, more classic styles. For a little more $, check out the Grensons from Bennie's. The thing is, even if they cost half as much, these cheap shoes won't last you nearly half as long. You'd be better off eating Top Ramen one night a week for a few months and picking up a better pair of shoes.
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I would recommend rockports, they got me through my youth, they are tough, light, comfortable and look better than those timberlands.
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I can sympathize with your plight. How much are you willing to spend and what size are you? I'm picking up a pair of these Bruno Magli shoes for heading out for drinks and such for about $130 CDN plus tax, possibly cheaper. They look better in real life. I can grab a pair for you if you want, just pay the shipping. The shoes you're looking at are a bit "chunky" for my taste. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/2793411/c/3.html
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Thank you for your prompt responses, everyone. I appreciate your offer, Ranjeev, but something about the soles on those BMs makes them seem too sneaker-esque. That said, I just looked at the Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. They seem rather dressy, though. Which, exactly, are the Loakes, j? And I agree with everyone's sentiments on shiny shoes and jeans. But short of resorting to suede, where can one find shoes more matte than these? The Grensons from Bennie's seem even more shiny. I'd appreciate any further suggestions. Money really isn't an object, but I'd rather not buy top-quality shoes only to have beer spilled on them and other people step on them.
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Why not go with a suede Chukka? Check out the Polo shoes on bluefly.com MISSEDYOU746 (I think) gives you an extra 15% off.
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That said, I just looked at the Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. They seem rather dressy, though. Which, exactly, are the Loakes, j?
AFAIK, pretty much all of them are made by Loake. Sorry, I should have made that more clear. See the Charles Tyrwhitt 50% off thread for more info. For casual wear, you might consider that Chelsea boot, although again, I personally wouldn't do it with jeans, except maybe very dark slim ones.
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I've had fairly good luck with shinier black shoes with dark but high contrast jeans, such as Sevens in a Dark New York wash, or my JP Damage jeans in the 762 wash (dark but very high contrast) I don't really like it with anything much lighter than that, my GTO-03s are too light without enough contrast, but I do have some GTO 1 years in a nice dark wash and some Sevens in an overdyed wash that work with the black Tyrwhitt chelsea boots IMO.
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For those of us "balling on a budget," what do you think of these shoes? They're something to wear with jeans, etc., while out and about.
They're both ok shoes, but you can always do better. I can understand the impulse to keep your good shoes away from beer spills, but that means these shoes get the spill. Why not see if you can get "better" shoes for the same price. I'll rather have a pair of better quality shoes purchased on a steep discount as my barcrawl shoes if possible (which I do - I used the AE stockbridge in black as my barhopping/travel shoes). The guts of the shoes are certainly more comfortable to wear, and the fact that I got them for less than $100 makes me not freak out about the minor nicks and damage (which are easier to hide on black shoes, anyway)
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Sorry dude, but those are some ugly ass shoes, the Eccos, especially. Wearing either pair, especially with jeans, screams out a fashion statement, either "I'm an American Jackass. When I go out, I also like untucked bias striped shirts" or "I love Will and Grace. And the t-shirts that Simon wears on American Idol are not too tight. Man nipples - okay by me." So unless you are either an American Jackass or a gay clubber, don't do it. Black shoes with jeans look crap anyway. If you can't/won't wear sneakers, try some distressed or waxed brown or tan or even cream colored leather laceups, chukkas, or chelsea boots, either slim or chunky, depending on the rest of your outfit. Loakes make a decent pair of chukkas at a reasonable price. And I saw a really interesting pair of above the ankle Bruno Magli laceups a while back. John Varvatos makes some pretty comfortable and stylish crepe soled boots and shoes on a consistent basis, and my favorite boots and shoes are, repsectively. the more rugged styles from Costume National and from Dries van Noten, both often available at discount.
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Don't let Alexis see them.
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incognitius, Here's a dissenting opinion: the Eccos are great. Go for 'em. I have a pair (different style, and laced, but basically a chunky black casual shoe) and I love them. Comfortable as all getout, and holding up quite well so far. Look fine with jeans and khakis, IMHO. If you like 'em, wear 'em. Regards, Tony
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