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best dressed men in America

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let's see who you think are the best dressed and therefore stylish men in america. nominate as often and as many as you like. you may choose from past as well as present idols of sartorial pursuits.
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Bill GAtes
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Matt Lauer. Consistently stunning suits that normal guys could wear -- I can't say that an actor who wears form fitting Gucci suits is someone I could emulate. Check out the Today Show one day. He is a stylish man that you can actually emulate.
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This is an interesting question because of its vagueness. In general i would say that businessmen are the best dressed (this would include executives of any kind - be it doctors, lawyers, financiers, even heads of fasuion labels - Domenico DeSole is a perfect example), but i have seen more than my fair share of businessmen who do not dress well, but those that do take the time out to look good do so with a timeless stlye that is well above any of the other categories. That being said two people who i think have a sense of stlye above and beyond are Tom Ford and James Spader, one a designer and one an actor - but that being said i think in general actors dress funny - in large part tbecasue they rely so heavily on stylists...but that is just IMO.
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Desi Arnez, if you want to see someone who obsessed over his wardrobe, revisit some of his shows of "I Love Lucy".
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Hard to pick a category above, also tough to keep it in the US. Here's my top picks for best dressed/personal style: * Ralph Lauren * Tom Ford * Jude Law (oops not US) * Johnny Depp * Pierce Brosnan (recent US citizen) * Hugh Grant (not US again) * Bono (wow this is tough to keep in America) * agree on Matt Lauer above (the everyman vote-that is if everyone could afford an endless supply of Zegna suits) * honorable mentions to David Letterman (but only for the suits he wears on camera - off camera he doesn't try) and Tom Brokaw (he's a Paul Stuart devotee and he looks great dressed down too)
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as a group, futbol players. as an individual, I like the styles of ARod, Brosnan, and Cruise.
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Bill GAtes
Yeah, because every time I think of style I think of: Bill Gates... Jon.
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there are many but george hamilton (suntan notwithstanding) has always stood out for me
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there are many but george hamilton (suntan notwithstanding) has always stood out for me
Really?  I always thought that guy exemplified all the bad things about LA, but hey, maybe I could just never get past the suntan and the white suits. I say musicians are naturally the most stylish, followed by other types of artists, than civilians (i.e. none of the above).  Good musicians emote more than any members of the other categories, and tend to have strong personalities and thus better personal style.  Otis Redding, David Bowie (not US, but whatever,) the Beatles (pretty much any period), Jimi Hendrix and his imitator Lenny Kravitz, the Strokes, Dre 3000 of Outkast, these guys can pull sh*t off.   I wouldn't consider actors as artists in the same way as musicians and visual artists are, since they are really meat puppets of the directors.  American politicians seem deliberately bland and unstylish, and news anchors are sort of a cross between politicians and actors - goodlooking in completely unmemorable ways - and their wardrobes reflect this.  Businessmen go out of their way to conform - to me - conformity is pretty much anathema to good style. Athletes have style, though often poor - witness Shaqs miniscule hats and Deion Sanders really wierd suits. They look good because they have terrific bodies, not because they have good tastes in clothes, although the physical confidence they have allows them to pull things off that most people could not.
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John Malkovich
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John Malkovich
yes. He is a design and style fanatic. He actually designs clothes for his friends.
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I like John Malkovich alot... although I always think of his role in Rounders... that guy is just hilarious. His acting in "Knockaround Guys" is refreshing as well.
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Mr. Big from Sex & the City.
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John Pizzarelli, a jazz guitarist is always impeccably dressed. Pizzarelli Take a look at some of the other pics as well.  He always dresses like this and his style is very classic, but fashion forward.
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