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 StephenHero - thanks for the insight.


When I visited NYC last time, was planning to go to Lucali but missed it somehow. I did go to John's on Bleeker Street, Di Fara and Keste. John's was quite good - I had a simple cheese pizza which was really good: decent crust, decent sauce, decent cheese. Di Fara was ok but my expectations were so high that I was, honestly speaking, a little disappointed. I had anticipated something out of this world. Keste was typical Naples pizza - not typical NYC pizza. I get that stuff in Italy all the time.


Has anyone been to Paulie Gee's? Have read a lot of good things about that place. Pizzas on the pictures look beautiful too.

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Yeah. Paulie Gee's is really great too. I've only been once about two years ago, and I remember getting a fairly exotic pizza, but I really liked it. It might be my favorite interior setting of all the pizzerias. It's very similar to Speedy Romeo. They've done a great job with it.

I also forgot to mention Pomodoro in Nolita for a slice. It's really laid back in a not-give-a-shit way, and has great tomato and vodka slices.
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 Thanks man. Gotta check these places out when I go to NYC in May. Cheers.

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I've been going hard on pizza lately (almost twice a week at all the notable pie parlors), and just want to reiterate that Lucali is the best, bar none. Nothing touches it. This guy is the Caravaggio of pizza.

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I've been to Lombardi's and I wasn't impressed. Granted I haven't explored the pizza in NYC but for me the best pizza I had is Arturo's in Maplewood, NJ.
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