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 StephenHero - thanks for the insight.


When I visited NYC last time, was planning to go to Lucali but missed it somehow. I did go to John's on Bleeker Street, Di Fara and Keste. John's was quite good - I had a simple cheese pizza which was really good: decent crust, decent sauce, decent cheese. Di Fara was ok but my expectations were so high that I was, honestly speaking, a little disappointed. I had anticipated something out of this world. Keste was typical Naples pizza - not typical NYC pizza. I get that stuff in Italy all the time.


Has anyone been to Paulie Gee's? Have read a lot of good things about that place. Pizzas on the pictures look beautiful too.

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Yeah. Paulie Gee's is really great too. I've only been once about two years ago, and I remember getting a fairly exotic pizza, but I really liked it. It might be my favorite interior setting of all the pizzerias. It's very similar to Speedy Romeo. They've done a great job with it.

I also forgot to mention Pomodoro in Nolita for a slice. It's really laid back in a not-give-a-shit way, and has great tomato and vodka slices.
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 Thanks man. Gotta check these places out when I go to NYC in May. Cheers.

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I've been going hard on pizza lately (almost twice a week at all the notable pie parlors), and just want to reiterate that Lucali is the best, bar none. Nothing touches it. This guy is the Caravaggio of pizza.

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I've been to Lombardi's and I wasn't impressed. Granted I haven't explored the pizza in NYC but for me the best pizza I had is Arturo's in Maplewood, NJ.
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Haven't read thru the whole thread, so I might be repeating others' recommendations, but come on out to Brooklyn!

In no particular order:

Best Pizza

And in the East Village:

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 I missed Lucali twice in a row while being in NYC. And I was staying in Brooklyn! What a shame. During the 2nd part of my trip I lived right next to Motorino. I liked it but still prefer Keste when it comes to vera pizza Napoletana. Another good pizzeria I discovered in East Village is called Numero 28. They make those huge (1 meter) pizzas in a brick oven, nice thin crust and fresh toppings. The place is run by Italians so they know their job well. Grimaldi's was good but not great. Oh yes, and a slice from Artichoke Basil was truly amazing. New Yorkers are so lucky to have so many great pizzerias and new ones keep opening all the time. I envy you guys :)

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just tried Roberta's. Pretty awesome. Danger zone since I live pretty close by.
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I went to Motorino last week and it was just awful. I got a mushroom pizza with a waterlogged crust. The gal pal had a margherita, but it was only decent.
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^ Weirdly reminds me of pB
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Originally Posted by whiteslashasian View Post

^ Weirdly reminds me of pB

I see it as the opposite, at least in certain ways. pB is all about the social exploration as demonstrated by his "what's the deal with..." threads. This guy just doesn't give a fuck.

Booth and I were actually talking about it last weekend, how shitty it must feel like to be stabbed. He is clearly anti-stabbing. This Lucali guy, once again, didn't give a fuck.
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Hence, the Carvaggio of pizza. Women absolutely swoon for this guy so hard, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't give him a handjob for his sauce recipe.
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further proof of the opposite pB
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^^bell the image didn't show up for me, but you must be talking about joe's (which is what I was about to say)

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