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They're fine, just kind of uninteresting and unrefined IMHO...I'm sure that RLPL one costs a pretty penny and maybe the other ones are expensive too, but somehow to me a solid shiny tie is always in danger of looking like it was bought for $15 somewhere. A glen check will never look like that.
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I hate satin solid as well, but not all solids need to be satin. There's twill, and of course grenadine:


Grenadine silver

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I just wanted to say how helpful this thread has been.  I found a RL Glen Plaid tie NWT on eBay for $45 that is perfect.  I will be wearing it for my wedding.

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Going through this wedding tie decision myself right now.  What do people think of this with a 2B, peak lapel charcoal three piece suit and a white french cuff collar pin shirt?

Rep Tie.jpg


Should the dots be closer, or is this acceptable?

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That can work IMO.
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It's a decent outfit, but it isn't a traditional wedding tie, if that matters to you.


Other than that, there are two things I don't like about that tie: the dots are horizontal instead of diagonal, and it isn't even cut straight. You can see the columns of dots are not even.

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I can see his point, the diagonal dots would make it more flattering on the wearer, am I right?

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I now agree. I looked at my dot ties at home, and they are all diagonally dispersed in an "X" fashion.  I take it there is nothing inherently incorrect about wearing a dot tie for wedding then, and that it is equally acceptable as the plaid (which I do not care for) and the sheperd's check.

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There's really no tie that is specifically unacceptable for a wedding, but the proper wedding ties described earlier in this thread, including black/white glen plaid, shepherd's check, etc. are the most proper. Dot ties are not in the same rank as these.

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Can anyone recommend a place that has a decent selection of these? Specifically looking for a glen plaid in navy and silver, ideally in the 3-3 1/4" range.


Although not traditional wedding attire am also tempted by this:


and  this:

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If you've got time, Sam Hober can hook you up with whatever you need. Less time, but more expense, Drake's.
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For my wedding last year I picked up seven or eight varied ties for ushers and groomsmen from Jaan J. They are vegan (not silk) and cheap. They have a nice assortment of appropriate patterns and colors, though, and mine formed a nice dimple with some encouragement.
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Originally Posted by contactme_11 View Post

2 words, cream + paisley

Like this one? This is actually one of our best selling Wedding Ties.


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Originally Posted by TiesNecktie View Post

Like this one? This is actually one of our best selling Wedding Ties.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




This screams "groom"! 

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With a few weddings this fall, I thought I'd start adding a few wedding ties to my collection. Unfortunately, Hober is out of the two patterns I prefer.

Any recommendations for other Hober patterns that would fit the idea of a conservative wedding tie?

I'd prefer to buy from Hober as I've had nothing but success with his ties and service, but I did like the look of this Cappelli
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