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clothing repairs

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FYI kisses
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Has anyone actually had any experiences with this service that they care to share?
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I have heard of them but have not used them. I do use, The French- American Re-Weaving Co. 119 West 57th Street, Room 1406, New York, NY 10019, 212-765-4670. They have proven to be the best I have ever used in my 30 years of fixing others boo-boos.
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I use Florida Reweavers in Miami and get superior results. I have used French-American with satisfactory results, but they were very expensive.
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I have used this company on five separate occasions. Superb work that I highly recommend. When they say without a trace you can believe it. A typical small job is around $75.
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Two big thumbs up for Without a Trace.I sent two moth nibbled suits and they now look like brand new for about $80/per. Of course,in this field no two weaving jobs are alike,as the damage varies,and they give you an estimate prior to doing the work.If it weren't for demarkation threads put in the worked upon areas,I never would have known they were restored.Even under close scrutiny,they are perfect.I spoke to Linda,who id friendly and down to earth,and she commented that Brioni fabrics pose the greatest challenge,with their multitude of colors.I wholeheartedly recommend Without a Trace-the name truly fits..
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