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Good deal on grenadine ties - Ben Silver

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Was cruising through the Ben Silver website yesterday, and spotted a great deal on grenadine ties.  I pretty much wear only grenadine ties these days, I just love the way they knot and the texture of them.  They are hard to find though.  Was on the website and typed in grenadine into their search option.   3 ties -blue, brass, and light blue, all grenadine, were $85.00, are all now $25.50.  You have to order them through the web, but it was easy to register.   I have no affiliation to Ben Silver, just thought Id put out the word.
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Are they the usual Silver 3 3/8" or are they wider? Will
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What is grenadine? Is it a brand or a fabric?
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I called to see if I could get a width, the lady told me that they were either 3 3/8 or 3 1/2, but she couldnt confirm that since they were coming from the outlet. Grenadine is a silk thread that is woven in an interesting interlocking pattern. The tie is basically see through, kind of like a knit tie, but the threads are woven much tighter. I love grenadine ties, they make amazing deep dimples, and I think the texture of them makes them more interesting than the usual tie.
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Lovers of grenadine who prefer a little more width to their neckties will find a wide selection at New & Lingwood. They are 45 pounds instead of $25, but they are 3 5/8" and I personally find that 1/4" makes all the difference. Will
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Are they the usual Silver 3 3/8" or are they wider? Will
Are all Ben Silver Ties Typically that thin? PS:  I love the Phil/Will tag team on this thread... PPS:  small amounts of tie width definately make a hugh difference in appearance. JJF
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I own several of the New and Lingwood versions. I vacillate constantly on my preferred width of tie. I have a few 7 fold oxxford grenadines that are 4", and they are at my widest limit. Conversely, I have several Paul Stuart grenadines, that I believe are 3 3/8. Thats my narrowest limit. Anywhere in there im good to go. Ralph Lauren has 4 striped grenadines on their website, I am definetely gonna get some of those too. I love to collect them, but they are so hard to find in other than 5 or 6 obvious colors.
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I think, and dont quote me on this, that all Ben Silver ties are 3 3/8, but you can get every one in a wide size, which I think is 3 5/8" ps- FIH - I know I owe you pics of some Ben Silver ties I picked up a few months ago, I still cant figure out how to post them.
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Ben Silver grenadine ties are exactly 3 3/8 inches at widest point; just checked mine on the tie rack.
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It's my understanding from Silver that their own label ties (regimentals etc.) are 3 3/8". Like other English influenced makers, they never adopted the Italian attitude towards fashionably expanding width that crested recently. The branded ties from Arnys, Drake etc. are whatever width the maker happens to be pushing, unless the ties are made exclusively for Silver and then it's anybody's guess. Hope that's confusing enough. Will
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Just to add to the confusion, the Ben Silver website claims that the majority of their ties are made to 3 1/2"
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allow me also to climb aboard the grenadine bandwagon..they are definitely the most attractive for solid color ties,providing just enough of a textural element and making better knot than smooth silk..visually better than shiny or ribbed silk
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