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Looking for a new pair...

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I'm looking to get another pair of nice jeans bringing my collection to two! I got a pair of Nudie RRDS thanks to the help of this forum and I love the fit. I'm looking for another pair of jeans that fit similar to these but possibly a different color/fade. I got these in a 32 /34 and they honestly fit perfectly. Any recommendations are welcome. I'm not looking to spend too much. I was actually looking at Rescues and some Academi jeans (can't find any pictures of what they look like after the fade though), but I'm obviously open to lots of recommendations. Thanks as always.
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My Academi jeans are fine but they were way tight for being 28s. I think the 32 size is fine though. I don't regret my purchase, they're a fine slim-straight jean for the price. Regarding the jean fading, I think because they're a relatively new jean on the market, few people have had them for months. The button fly is kind of a pain in the ass but you don't risk slicing your johnson on the zipper...
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Had the potential to be a good thread.
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SD-105s fit almost the same as the RRDS. The denim is great too.
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I can't find those SD-105s, but I saw pictures and I like. Do you know where I can find them and for how much?
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They would probably run about $210 or so from the Zipangu Treasures proxy on SuFu:

Masataka from Zipangu sells certain brands (including SDA) for Japanese retail price without an additional proxy fee. I've ordered from him twice, with great service both times.
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i think you should refer/post to/in the big post at the top of the forum, in case you missed it:
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About the academi jeans......they are good, i got em' a month ago. Not really much fading yet. I normally wear a 33 but the 34 was tight, but they stretched out alot.
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