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barney's "private" sale...

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for those that like barney's, their so-called "private" sale starts Thursday, November 18th, ends November 24th. the card i received says it's at all their stores. it says 30%-50% off selected merch., shoes, & home stuff. and an additional 10% if you open a charge...
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yeah i got one of those. i want some zip front cotton knitweight vests.
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It's only for Barney's outlet - not the main store.
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It's only for Barney's outlet - not the main store.
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It's only for Barney's outlet - not the main store.
Sorry to contradict, but I believe you are wrong about that. This postcard lists a bunch (all?) of their main store locations. I add that I have nothing to do with Barneys, except that I've had both absolutely-great and definitely-not-great shopping experiences there.
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well, the postcard that I received definitely said "Barney's outlet" for the same dates - Nov. 18. Maybe it's a location thing? i.e., includes main stores except the NY store?
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it's definitely for the main store, i already called them today about availability and they said they had nothing i wanted
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It's confirmed. The sale started today at the main store, the Mecca of menswear.
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I checked it out too today. They had a great assortment on the floor. Has anyone here seen the small Berluti shop in the shoe department; they carry almost the entire line. The prices are a bit tough to swallow at $1100 a pair.
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I'll check out the main store on Monday or Tuesday and report back...
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I was not impressed by the sale selection - although there are several Mareno Martini shirts on sale. Only a small selection of other stuff marked down. I'll try back later in the season....
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I agree that the shirt selection was pretty unexciting . . .however, the tie sale had some very attractive pieces. I picked up a seven fold Isaia for $67, a very nice Nicky and a Bizzocchi for around the same price. Some Brioni's for $77 with incredibly soft silk--I just didn't care for the patterns. C&J bench grade on sale for $297, but I didn't see any handgrade stuff on the rack.
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I saw the strangest C&J: dress boot (never seen the model before,  not in catalog) made from combination calf/suede. Seemed to be made to  handgrade standard (chanelled sole) with a price to match (if I remember correctly, about $695 pre-sale). COuldn't figure the model/last number.
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Any other info on the Barney's sale? I will be stopping in New York for a few days, but I'm working on a tight schedule and want to try to figure out where my free time would be best spent. Right now, my only definite destination is MoMA.
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