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What size are you?

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Okay - what sizes do you usually take in clothing? For some reason, it surprises me that higher-fashion clothing manufacturers, like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, make clothing in rather large sizes, like XXL. I dunno, I can't imagine who the audience for it would be, and it seems like it couldn't be profitable to produce clothing in that size. 40R, 32x32, S or M, 15.5/34
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This is America, where people overeat the fat of the land. Besides, somebody has to make sharp duds for Shaquille O'Neal. 38R, 30/30, 15, S or (occasionally) M, 8.5D US. Oh, and my hat size is 7 1/8.
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Sheesh, thankfully they make these so called "larger" sizes for their shirts seem sized for children. I usually wear a medium in an american shirt size but need an XL in like D&G, or even XXL in Prada for it not to be second skin tight. 44, 33x32, 16, M to L, 9.5 EE/42, but it all depends on the maker and the cut for these numbers jump around all the time. Like I can wear a 42 in some suits, but need a 44 in others.
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I'm a small guy. 38S or 38R, S or M depending on the designer, 8 - 8 1/2 shoe size, 30"w, 14 1/2 or 15-31 shirt size.
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Actually, I'm often disappointed by designers not making clothing for taller men who work out with some degree of regularity. For example, Helmut Lang stops at 54, so I could never buy an HL overcoat to wear over a jacket. (I do, however, have a lovely pre-Prada HL peacoat.) I wouldn't know about D&G or Versace. My collection from the former consists of a bathing suit, and from the latter a band-collar shirt and a tie. My specs: suit 54 to 56 (US44-46); jeans 38x34, shirt 41 (US16-35); shoes UK9.5-10 (EU43-44, US10.5-11). In the S/M/L/XL scheme, I'm generally an "L" in American marques such as Banana, and an "XL" in European marques such as Zara or H&M.
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I'm a fairly compact and slim type, I use 39/15,5 in shirts with medium sleeves and go for S/M depending on designer. Jackets and suits are a different matter. If I wear a standard, modern 48/38 people (other than salespeople.) tell me that the coat is to long and I feel like I'm trying on my fathers clothes. Therfore I only buy 24/38S jackets and they look great on me and stop right by my thumb's knuckle. If I wear a modern 48/38 (Boss, Sand) it extends full 10cm/4' below my knuckle and I look rather funny. 48 I can get away with in suits as ther's not much contrast between the jacket and the trousers. Trouble is that 24/38S is not very common, most local stores stop at 25/40S because they only use the short numbers for overwheigt people that have to wear a bigger a number to fit their belly into the jacket. I am therefore left with shopping my jackets overseas and the ones that I like are, of course, always sold out in my number... Ah - not to forget, shoes 43/10,5(?) Bjorn
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58L, 38/32 or 56 (sometimes even 58), 43/44, XXL (occasionally XL- a recent Paul & Shark XL flannel shirt purchased in Madison, WI of all places actually fit quite nicely), shoe 10.5/11 D/E, hat 7 5/8. PStoller- if you're into hats, have I got a place for you....
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40R, M, 15 1/2 - 34, 32x32
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PStoller- if you're into hats, have I got a place for you....
For the longest time I have been looking for hats that don't make me look bad. BTW, my size is 40-41(50it) R (although sometimes as small as 38(48it) can fit me), 34 x 30, 15.5 x 35 - all somewhat odd sizes because I have a long thin upperbody and muscular short legs.
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and my shoe size is 10.5 - 11. I've got big feet for a guy who's less than 6 feet tall.
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PStoller"”if you're into hats, have I got a place for you...
Well, hey, don't keep it a secret. I don't have many hats. I have a couple of Boralinos and a Paciotti black suede baseball cap, and I think I have a couple of old berets tucked away somewhere. I had a great black cashmere snap-brim cap, but it wandered away in a taxi one night.
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50 Eu or 40R US. Occasionally a 52 Eu. Shirts 41 (16"). Trousers between 32/32 and 33/32. Shoes 10.5 to 11 (US). I'm one of the lucky guys who the designers actually design for (although I should probably lose about an inch off my waist). Nearly everything fits me directly off the rack, regardless of the maker.
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I'm fairly standard, except for my head. 38R, S/M, 15.5/33, 31/31 (though I can usually get away with a 32/32 or 30/32 depending on maker), size 10E shoe, 24 3/4 hat size. Which means any "one size fits all" baseball cap does not fit me, luckily I hardly ever wear baseball caps so it's not a problem I find with above the waist designer wear, I'm usually a 48 or M, except with Dirk Schonberger stuff - I'm a M with shirts, but an L with jerseys, S with sweaters. I also bought a couple of tank tops that were XXL (any other size was way too tight around the neck.) So a XXL for most designers is not what say, Nike or Adidas would consider XXL. Below the waist it's a whole other story, hyper slim fitting pants (Dior Homme, YSL) are usually a nogo since I have 20" thighs
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I am 6'3", 180 lbs. I wear a 41 or 42 long suit coat depending on the cut. My pants are 34 x 34 and my shirts are 16 - 34/35. My shoe size is 11 1/2. My casual shirts are XL or L (but I prefer XL). I was always very skinny in school, but in the last 5 years (since I hit 30), I've finally started to fill out.
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46 or 48R in suit 17-35 dress shirt 36/30 trousers L/XL in shirts 11/11.5 shoes yes, shopping is a real pain in the ass sometimes.
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