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this place advertised in the Wall street Journal. I called them and they sounded pretty reasonable... custom suits with as many fittings as needed starting at $595 NY Tailors link
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I'll let you know how it works out, as I'm now having a suit made by them. They (Kris Ramani et al) take fairly extensive measurements and photos and then the suit is made in a Canadian factory. I had a fitting with the basted suit and asked for some adjustments, but I was impressed with the level of handwork. I opted for a gray nailhead in a nice Dormeuil 9 oz fabric, two button, pick stitching but nothing too exotic. Should be ready in a week or so.
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Lint Brush, How is their location?  Lots of spools of fabric?  Did they do any upselling?  And most important, how much was the suit?
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The location is fine--you're not going to think you wandered into Paul Stuart, but for Broadway at Fulton it's just fine--spacious and well lit. Nice fabric sample selection--the aforementioned Dormeuil, lots of Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Vito Barberis. I didn't ask about Lesser, but perhaps they could get it. Not sure what you meant by "upselling"--I assume that's an effort to push you to a higher price point. Actually, he was happy to make me a less expensive suit (with less expensive fabric, of course). There was no pressure--he seemed confident in the quality of his product. I'm paying $850, which I imagine is close to WWChan pricing--but I liked the idea of the tailor being close to my office. I think the Canadian factory is the one mentioned by Manton when he described the categories of NYC made to measure in an earlier post.
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