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Slicked back hair style?

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I'm growing my hair out a bit right now and, just for fun, I want to rock a slicked back hair style. What products can I use? I really thick hair and it has a forward growth pattern. No matter what I try using, my hair moves up, fowards and to the sides as it dries. If I slick it right back when wet, it ends up kinda middle parted and to the sides by the time its dry. What can I use that might over come this? I think it would be fun to rock a slicked back hair style for a while since it's very uncommon on guys around my age (21).
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My hair has a heavy forward growth pattern as well. I shower at night, so what I tend to do is right after I get out of the shower I comb my hair straight back and put a ballcap on. When my hair dries, it maintains the pattern.

Then I can go after it with whatever product I need to get the look I want. I don't tend to slick back, but even to get a side part I have to get my hair to dry back.
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paul mitchell super clean styling gel
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You need to grow out the front so it has enough weight and length to hold the slick back. Gel alone won't do it. Any super hold gel will do. When you get the cut right, you can use a more moderate hold gel. Think about David Bowie's cut, which he wears to the side, where the front is much longer than the sides and back.
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I have really long, really curly thick hair (well, for a 41 year old in a suit). I put a chunk of body shop coconut grease on my hands, massage it into my hair and brush it back, works great.
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It sounds like our hair is similar. For the longest time I wanted the Patrick Bateman hairstyle. Do not try growing your hair out long if it is thick and you want it slicked back like this. It will not happen. Instead you get a very large amount of messy-looking hair on your head that will never stay in place like thin, straight, hair will.

Instead I recommend you get the front cut to about two inches, and have it cut short er as you go back, and maybe a three-quarters of an inch to an inch on the sides and back.

Right now I am very happy with Redken 03 water wax, and I would recommend the same to you. Wash your hair, and when it is only slightly damp, put it in for a strong hold that does not make your hair look greasy. Water wax is nice because it does not fall apart like gel when your hair gets messed up, and its hold is unchanged by water.
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