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Overcoat value

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Department stores Filenes and Macy's are having 50% off sales on overcoats Ralph Lauren, Claiborne and others. Since this would be a long term purchase. I would think I would be better off getting the Brookstorm, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a better deal there. I honestly can't look at a garment and understand the quality. I would wait for a sale at Brooks and use a gift card I bought $400 for 500 value. What is the most versatile color?
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Are you talking about a raincoat, or something more warm and woolen? I'd say the most versatile color for a non-raincoat overcoat would be charcoal, as it doesn't clash with anything the way navy might (although most people don't seem to worry about the color coordination). Black is apparently considered low-class or to look cheap, according to some (Malloy). Camel is also very versatile. For a raincoat, (ironically, being from Seattle) I have no input. I've never even considered buying one. If I did, it would probably be in a medium gray.
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My question was on overcoat, but I probably shoud get a raincoat sometime.
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I have a black Brookstorm. I wish I had purchased navy.
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I have a Navy Brookstorm overcoat, and it is great. I have worn it in during some of Michigan's worst winter weather, and the moisture literally bounces off the coat. My only complaint--and I have myself to blame for this--is that it is a bit tight (for me, at least) in the shoulders when I am sitting down--driving. When standing, the coat fits perfectly. I recommend that you find a chair and sit to see if there is enough room at the top.
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