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I'd think that by name and avatar you'd know a thing or two about those blends. Personally, I'd go for the "lineage" line. So the $135 quote was just for a jacket?
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uhhhh excuse me, the avatar is PURE polyester, not this half and half blend.
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"Yeah, this is, like, imported Italian nylon." -Dirk Diggler So, how many meters does a suit take?
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Suit is 3-4 meters.
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It says those are maximum retail prices however. From what I've read so far, it sounds like Vaish could get a better price. Oooh, just got an e-mail back from Vaish myself. Seems like he's warmed to the idea of outfitting Americans. He sent a form for measurements and said they charge $130 for a suit and $25 for trousers. I would imagine that you could get a fully canvased suit with extra trousers for around $400 all told, including shipping. Nice deal that.
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yo, forward that measurement email to me: tanks
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Is Vaish the new Jantzen? I hope so, can't wait to see your pics guys.
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once i get confirmation of fabric and some swatches, if there's something ridiculous enough i'll give it a try
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