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Schlesinger, Customhide, Atlas: Battle Royale

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I start articling May 1. I need a new briefcase. I prefer something with clean lines and classic, but have a price limit of around $400.

Option 1: Schlesinger triple gusset flap over. Likely in black, but also comes in chestnut. This is my favourite because of the clean lines, but the lock makes me nervous as it looks really flimsy.
Option 2: Customhide 1945. If I get this one it will be in the whiskey colour.
Option 3: Atlas Classic Wrap Round Strap Dispatch Case (again, if this, in tan belting leather)

What do you guys think. Which would you choose?
Bear in mind the reason why my front runner right now (Shlesinger in black) has been chosen is because of the clean lines and good rep of the company. I would love to get a London tan
coloured SAB, but I will likely hold off a year or two on the tan coloured case (that can develop patina) until I have the funds to buy a bag that will last a lifetime to develop that patina.
Right now I can't afford more than $400.

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Anyone with an opinion/experience with the Schlesinger in particular?
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Well, I'm no leather afficionado, so take this with a grain of salt: the leather on the Atlas looks a lot nicer than on the other two. The Schlesinger leather just looks awfully cheap (maybe that's just because it's black, but it just looks 'dead').
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I have a Schlesinger Partner Brief Bag. I'm told that Atlas is no longer being produced, or that there was extremely limited availability.

I like the bag, the leather quality is great, and the lock is actually pretty heavy duty.
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Nice pics on that Atlas.

The Atlas is heavy and it certainly doesn't have 'clean lines', so keep that in mind. You can stuff a ton in it, though. I read somewhere that it wasn't currently available in belting, but you might be able to turn one up. I think it's a very good value for the money.
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