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Guys, I'm hesitating to buy a pair of Cheaney brogues. Could anyone give some more info on 1. quality vs. price ? 2. who actually makes them? I heard they were somehow related to Church. I guess the're slightly less conservative than Churches and somehow I suspect they are better value for money. Anyway, any info is welcome, Cheers
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The firm of Cheaney (since 1886) produced until the 1960s their entire production under whatever name of store or men's shop had placed the order ("Designers" did not exist at the time). The company was bought by Church's in 1964 and at that time they started to promote the name as a manufacturer. Nevertheless even today a substantial part of their output is under whatever label is asked for. All English manufacturers (apart from John Lobb) offer this kind of "made to order" service. Cheaney's production offers various price points from "Signature" as the top via "Cheaney of England" to "Essentials". They are reasonably well made, reasonably well priced, but ultimately boring shoes. They do not reach the standards of Crockett & Jones, Tricker's, Grenson or their parent company Church's. But then their retail prices are below those makes. So I presume they are reasonably good value. If you are offered the shoes at a good price and you like them, there is no reason not get them? But they are quite unlikely to raise a passion and love of good and beautiful shoes inside you.
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Resurrecting a VERY old thread...

Does anyone have experience with Cheaney Signature level shoes? How do these rate? AE level, better or worse? C&J bench grade?
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Wow this is some real messiah type resurrection

I owned a pair of Cheaney Signatures (their top line). I thought the materials and design were good (good full grain leather, oak leather soles, dovetail heel, good antiquing), but their quality control was probably a half step below CJ Benchgrade. I would pay $200 for them on discount, $300 is probably a little too much for me. I think they retail for 250 GBP
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