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He's got Michael Irvin beat on the knot
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I'll save the sarcasm, since you'll get plenty of that here.

Couple things to note, alot of your shirts look too big in the neck, size down to something that fits snuggly.

I think you may be tieing your ties too short, and thats the reason why the knots are soo huge.

Tie them at a length where the bottom of the tie is touching your belt buckle, and you'll find that the area of the tie your using to make the knot is the slimmer part, resulting in a smaller, better looking knot.

Also adjust the knots after you tie them, i often grab a portion of the knot and pull it tighter and its the difference between a loose, crappy looking knot, and a tight sharp looking knot.

You jackets look too big, have a tailor take your chest measurement, and see about buying some jackets that fit, i think it would be pretty expensive to have most of those altered to fit.

Props for actually making a reasonable attempt to look nice, which is more then can be said for 90% of the people out there, with exception to this forum.

I'm rarely surprised by the amount of sarcasm presented in a post like this, but its pretty disappointing, you guys should be looking to help, not Knock everyone.
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Seriously, you look like Pender from Conan O'Brien. Did you say you were in the music industry?

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^Skinny. The way I take it, Mt_Spiffy is not looking for help as he is perfectly satisifed with the way he dresses. This thread was designed to elicit responses both good and bad, which appears to have worked out for Spiffy and us.
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This tragic series of photos reminds me of when AAAC denizen, the GabbaGhoul, posted images of his Vegas duds.
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kudos to you,, If we all looked and dressed the same we wouldnt be individuals ........ now would we.. thumbs up
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Can we please give you a make over.
As a man of the church.....please tell me you do not "LOVE" your clothes?

I think you would honestly look fantastic in the right clothes.

With that said, you are so far from the sun on this you are careening off in the dark reaches of the milkyway heading for the edge of nothingness.....

I am not, for one, over joyed at your brazen show of personal pride in your choices.
I am rather saddened, this is sad. Like a puppy died in your amrs sad.....
Please stop making me sad?
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They sell Stacy Adams in Wisconsin?
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Personally, I would file down the soles of your "pony shoes" while you were asleep. But, personal style is a great thing. Keep on wearing what you like and experimenting.

(And, maybe check out more pictures of Markfromplano's style examples...those guys have style)
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If that's what you like, then thats cool. I just think that you need to get some of the jackets taken in the jeans hemmed so that at least the clothes fit on you better.
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Damn dude... you have like break^8 on those jeans.

I can't...... I just don't know what to say....
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Mt. Spiffy - I've seen pimps in Atlanta with less ostentatious tie/shirt/shoe choices than yours. You seem to be happy and you obviously got balls, i just hope you're getting numbers.

I'm shocked this thread has been so civil. If this was Styleforum back in '06 by page 4 we would have had photoshopped images malaligning the OP, and a couple of people banned by now...
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I think the fit is bad, the shoes are horrendous, and your basic instincts regarding color and pattern matching are good, As you continue to mature and learn, I predict great things. And to those who scoff, I think your presence here speaks to your desire to learn. I think you are a great addition to the forum ( this from a 50-year old lawyer who prefers Oxxford, etc.).
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I give you tremendous credit for making Scott Storch look like the rap world's version of the Duke of Windsor

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