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Originally Posted by jhao View Post
what's the purpose of this thread ?

People asked him for pics across several other threads.

He complied with the request.

History was made.

The world became a happier place.
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Originally Posted by mt_spiffy View Post
In church. Professionally I play guitar.

cool ... me too ... (strat & les paul ... mostly blues, soul and rock n roll )

my dad is a jazz piano player and has got a hammond m300 with the same leslie as in the picture ... think both from about 1960.
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Leave Mr. Spiffy alone.
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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Mt. Spiffy - I've seen pimps in Atlanta with less ostentatious tie/shirt/shoe choices than yours. You seem to be happy and you obviously got balls, i just hope you're getting numbers.

I'm shocked this thread has been so civil. If this was Styleforum back in '06 by page 4 we would have had photoshopped images malaligning the OP, and a couple of people banned by now...

Its too bad I wasn't here in Styleforum any pics
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I Too am going to the playa hata's ball.

~Buck Nasty
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Originally Posted by Milgauss View Post
I hope you take some of the constructive criticism to heart and think about it. You have a good frame but your clothes are very ill fitting with colours badly un-coordinated. The jackets have square unstructured shoulders, the jeans look bad and the colour matching is.....really bad! If you think you look good and the clothes fit well I think you will get a shock when you see these pics in 10 years' time.(my emph)
...................................................................................................... ............................................................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
At least try and get more fitted jackets and less grungy looking jeans and your whole appearance will be transformed. You have a good physique so you need to make the most of it - you're wasting good potential.

While not to berate Mt_Spiffy, this may be one of the few salient points on this thread. As styles come and go, things that are conservative, tend to look better through time (classic mens hairstyle, suits, OCBD with jeans, small black cocktail dress on women, Porsche 911, JFK and Jackie O., etc) than more trendy stuff. Generally, the more contemporary, and the more extreme the style something is, then the less timeless it will appeal, and will look more dated, more out of fashion, and more awkward (70's corduroy suits, giant mustaches, flared pants, Travolta in Sat Night Fever, etc).

Case in point, when my wife and I selected our china patterns for our bridal registry 7 years ago, we selected something very simple, plain and white. We realized that a more trendy dish would look hip and cool now, but would tend to look "dated"and out of style in just a few years. Now I am quite glad we chose our white dishes with a simple design- they still look great.

So what I think people are trying to tell you is something along these lines. Your fashion style tends to look "extreme", and very trendy in the African-American community. It will more than likely go out of style in a few years, and look awkward then.

Musicians always pull a lot of tail, and yes women tend to like the peacock side of mens fashion, so if this is the motivation for your style - good for you. Modifying your look, however, might have the benefit of broadening its appeal - your current look appears to appeal to a limited portion of the population.

This forum, and community here, tends to represent those who are looking for the classic, and less timeless look, and thus the flak that you draw with your style. I suppose if I posted pictures of me from the early 80's, when I had a foot high pitch black Mohawk, studded leather jacket, chained boots, etc, and asked for fashion advice here, then I might very well receive the same treatment. Surely it would not be unexpected. Congrats to you for remaining calm, and not taking criticisms personally.
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Thanks for the kind words. I wear what I like with no other motivation. Usually that's flashy stuff. And yes it does tend to get out of date quickly. The suits I wore 5 years ago I wouldnt dare wear today. However a lot of things do come back around. I've found number of items in thrift stores where I've seen near identical items on Melrose.

For those new to the thread, I posted some more recent pictures on pages 23 and 27.
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Originally Posted by Mykonos View Post
cool ... me too ... (strat & les paul ... mostly blues, soul and rock n roll )

my dad is a jazz piano player and has got a hammond m300 with the same leslie as in the picture ... think both from about 1960.

I play a Strat, and have a B3 in church. Check out my myspace page there are pictures and video clips
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This thread was and is epic.

some comments:
His style is, in my opinion, far better then the "Gabba Ghoul" fellow over at the Ask Andy forums. Spiffy does have a style all his own. When I see the Gabba all I think of is (as someone on here pointed out) a guy who has way too much money to spend and no idea how to dress.

Attacking him for wanting to be something other than himself is a bit odd. There is nothing wrong with having friends who are another race. It doesn't mean he wants to be this or that or he hates himself.

His daughter is adorable. She also looks to be half white and half black (as am I and she and I have nearly identical complexions and hair), again, this doesn't mean he wants to be something other than himself or wants to be black. We all need to get beyond race.

The clothes?

My brother wears 4 button suits and so do all of his friends as standard church attire. I don't but I prefer a more classic two button or three button look.

The shoes? I really think that if he were to change JUST the shoes on some of these outfits that alone would make them look far better. I've found that if you want some flair and personal style some aspect of your outfit should remain classic. Maybe that would help?

The tie knots, I really don't get. Frankly a necktie shouln't have a big honking knot.

Colors? Well, again, I think this is a personal choice and most folks on here tend to go towards the conservative.

I agree with many that his suit coats are a bit oversized and some of his clothes seem overly baggy. However, if that is his style that is his style. At least he has some semblance of style and is brave enough to wear it and then post about it.

My recommendation to him is to not focus on rating his wardrobe based on volume but instead on quality. Perhaps also to factor in the cost of tailoring into his purchases.

I recall spiffy posting that he needed a lot of variety in his wardrobe, well, I've learned that variety in wardrobe comes more from having functional clothes that can contribute to an overall outfut rather than a specific outfit.

I mean you can: go out, but a shirt, coat and pair of pants that go really well together or

go out and buy the same that go well together and well with anything else you buy and start mixing and matching to get more outfits.

I'm reminded of an LSAT question:

person X has:
pants: blue and gray
Shirts: white, blue
Shoes:black, brown
ties: blue, red, black, green
sports coats: blue, black, taupe

without worrying about "matching" how many outfits is that?

2*2*2*4*3= 96. That's a lot of outfits from 13 articles of clothing

keep rocking you're style. At least you got the guts to be you.

Maybe you could stand out by being the one dressed more traditionally among your friends and go the inverse? (I assume your circle of friends dresses along the same style, right Spiff?)

Traditional cuts and clothes accented by something a little spicy like the shoes?

That might make you stand out even more from the crowd you hang with?

Kinda like if everything is gray the one red spot stands out even more so your style is to stand out by being different not by being the more outlandish of the group? An inverse style?
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You. Magnificent. Bastard.
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Its Back!
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Shine on, you crazy diamond!
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Originally Posted by HomerJ View Post
This will be epic.
Originally Posted by Omegablogger View Post
Originally Posted by dshin View Post
grabbig some popcorn, sitting back, and waiting for the hilarity to ensue.
It cracks me up that posts 3, 4, and 5 of this thread were these prophetic words.
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Just as I was starting to come back to SF...
Should I sign off now or does this only happen once in a while?
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With the exception of a few outfits I felt like I was back in the 70's.
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