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Originally Posted by LVoer View Post
How can you possibly make the tie knot that large? Even with one of those ties for big/tall gentlemen, how could you possibly tie it that big?

Look at where his jackets open. The tie hangs down 2 inches from the knot and ends. My question is, what do you do with the skinny end of the tie??

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What does this have to do with Nazis?
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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
Hey now, not sure if you're joking but that's some great style. I wish I could dress like Andre 3000.

No joke. I think he's got a lot of style.
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While I cannot particularly understand nor relate to your choices in attire, I must agree with some of the others that you certainly do seem to be comfortable in your style. I am also fairly new to both this forum and the elements of style in terms of clothing, so my view may reflect some ignorance to that end. I see myself breaking several rules that folks here seem to uphold - for instance, I love square toed shoes, and I do wear a black suit from time to time. I also see others here breaking rules that I'd never consider breaking (such as wearing ties with button-down collar shirts). That said, no matter what the style, the one thing that I do is to try and ensure that all my clothes fit me well -- they may not be perfect, but they certainly fit me fairly well, and I certainly do try my best. You seem to be breaking that fundamental tenet in the most brutal of ways, which to me is rather unfortunate. Now, this does not mean that I do not have a handful few shirts that have slightly longer sleeves, or a sport coat that makes me look like a barrel (a skinny barrel, but a barrel nevertheless). But you seem to be going out of your way to wear ill-fitting clothes, which seems unfortunate. I'd merely say that you could still go with your style (whatever that may entail), but wear clothes that are slightly better fitting. I think you will see a world of difference. My two cents.
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Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post
Your clothes are all ill fitting. The jackets and jeans, particularly. If that is what people think look good from where you're from, more power to you.

More power indeed. What you need to do is try for this look.... to pull it off with a little more flair.

in time, you will get it right.
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wow lmfao
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All I have to say is "Go for it!". To each their own. I believe that it is bad manners to comment on anothers style or fashion sense - even if it was asked for.
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based on that kind of reaction your fashion sense must be atrocious as well.
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Originally Posted by haganah View Post

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The link doesnt work, which also leaves me clueless to the discussion after it.

The one thing this accomplished, in the eyes of the majority of the contributors, is I am now paying closer attention to jackets/suits that fit closer. I have been taught that anything more fitted than these looks too small, but this way I can have more options. However, given the style of these outfits, the fit is supposed to be larger.

I will continue to wear the above outfits (as well as some even louder I dare not post) as they are among my favorites. Perhaps I will post more pictures in the future, I do have some more traditional suits that are tailored that may meet with better response here.

I think this thread is about exhausted, for now.
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Not nice, in my opinion. But then again, I - like most people here - like well-fitted stuff that doesn't make you want to claw your eyeballs out.
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Sorry to be off topic, but I noticed the Leslie speaker in the background. Do you play the Hammond Organ?
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In church. Professionally I play guitar.
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