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Yeah, its quite good, that restaurant is great though, for $35/head you get a ridiculous meal. It is usually something like: Appetizers: A round lazy susan style plate with jumbo shrimp, cold chicken, tendon, giant walnuts, smoked duck. Shark fin soup: Smoked Duck, served with dumplings to wrap them in (kinda hard to describe, they're more like really soft rolls than dumplings) Main Courses (usually 6-8): Sauteed Lobster Giant Sea Scallops with wintermelon A woven bread bowl of seafood medley, including more sea scallops, different fishes, and lobster A large fish, usually sea bass or carp, or something of the sort, served whole, steamed. Walnut shrimp Jumbo Prawns on chinese greens Chinese-style bread with a squash/pork filling there are usually a few more vegetable dishes, I don't know what the names of the vegetables are. Dessert is usually a rice pudding and green tea ice cream.
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I just lunched at Kitayama (Bristol and Bayview Pl) and had a spectacular meal... IMO (and I've eaten at the best Japanese restaurants in the LA area) this is arguably the best restaurant in terms of the quality of their fish. Kitayama owns a fishing company so they get really fresh stuff, and the toro I had this afternoon felt like it was swimming around in the ocean several hours before... wow. A nice lunch of roasted yellowtail, tempura, udon, and toro, salmon, and tuna sashimi was $58 for 2, not too cheap but worth every penny.
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i went to albano's tonight before a movie at the regent showcase. it was good but not my style. i like my pizza thin but not that thin. excellent sauce though. i still prefer anna's.
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Los Angeles: Sushi Roku (old town pasadena & santa monica) - havent been to the santa monica, but the pasadena restaurant is a regular stopping point whenever my gal and i have a sushi craving.  def one of the best i've tried in so cal. The original Phillipe's - near Union Station.  this is where the french dip was invented.  always packed (dont go here if there is a Dodgers game that day) and i cant eat a french dip anywhere else anymore. The Hat (several branches throughout) - by far the best Pastrami Dip sandwich in so cal Chaya Brasserie - great "continental" cuisine near the Beverly Center (right next to Agnes B, one of my fave stores) and across the street from the famous Ivy. Albanos - the best pizza in So cal hands down.  brooklyn thin crust style.  on Melrose 1.5 blocks west of La Brea Maison Akira - on green st in Pasadena.  awesome french-japanese cuisine. *edit, of course Koi in W. LA where all the beautiful people go.  the current "hotspot" in LA
Agreed on all except Sushi Roku. I hate that place. We ate there once with my brother-in-law from Tokyo and a couple of years later he still complains about "that sh.tty American sushi place." Soggy nori, poorly compressed nigiri that fell apart when picked up, and the fish was not so great for the price. I'd rather take an extra 20 minutes to shoot down the 110 for R23 or Sushi Gen than eat at Sushi Roku.
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I'm actually rather fond of Fleming's even though it's a chain... the high end steakhouse chains seem to be not too bad. (Flemings, Ruth Chris, Morton's) Going there for NYE, bringing a couple nice bottles (they have a reasonable corkage fee, $20) 97 Cakebread Three Sisters, and 85 Bollinger RD. Can't wait to see how the Bollinger works out.
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This restaurant in Prague, cannot for the life of me remeber the name, but it is across from the clock, on top of a hotel, and just look at the view.
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Hmm wasn't the name of that restaurant a german name?
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It could be, I have the menu somewhere at home, am trying to find it to post the name, my wife likes to get the menus from great restaurants, she tries in vain to duplicate the food, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but she likes to do it for dinner parties after trying, to give a taste of different cultures....nice way to impress some of the time.
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yeah, I've eaten there myself, they have jazz in the evenings, but I can't remember the name, either.
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I just remember it because they have tents outside and you can eat outside when it's nice and there's a huge wooden name with the sign and saying you can eat upstairs, I think... hmm
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Atlanta: Chops Bones Magiannos Fogo de Chao Seeger's Abruzzi Nava Atlanta Fsh Market Veni, Vidi, Vici Pano's and Paul's 103 West Prime Pricci's And lest us not forget the largest fast food place in the world: The Varsity Come to Atlanta and enjoy, it is more than fried chicken.
I have been to Bones, Fogo de Chao, Veni, Vidi, and Vici.  All very good recommendations. There is one more I would like to add.  I think it is called South City Kitchen, located in Midtown.  Have you heard of this?
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Here's a few restaurants I'm going to post reviews for and recommend: LA/Orange County: Sai-Sai 21 Oceanfront Antonello's Las Vegas: Lutece Olives Circo Le Cirque Lawry's Rosewood Grill 3950 Aureole Prime Picasso Renoir Bradley Ogden Mon Ami Gabi Vail: Russell's Paris: L'Alsace Vienna: Hotel Restaurant Sacher Bratislava: People's Cafe
I'd like to add one more to Vegas. It's a Brazilian Steakhouse called Yolie's. Similar to Fogo de Chao, excpet its not a chain.
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Chris, what's the name of the place in Atlanta that serves old style home cooked souther fare? Fried green tomatoes, catfish and hushpuppies and the like. Miss Molly's Kitchen or something like that. At there about 2 years ago on the recommendation of a foodie. I thought it was good, not great.
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Well there are couple of places, one on Cheshire Bridge called Colonnade Restaurant, it is an icon for southern fare, then downtown Mary Mac's Tea Room, also for incredible southern style soul food, Gladys and Ron's Chicken & Waffles....something often missed in Atlanta for fine dining is Nikolai's Roof, Atlanta's first restaurant to receive a 4 star rating....Now we have a few like Prime Meridian and Park 75 that are incredible as well. Atlanta may still be in the south, but it is rising fast on the food chain.
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I think that he means aunt pitty pats kitchen
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