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Bloody hell, not this again!! Javyn, mate, I hope you don't do the midstream or the cleansing therapy too!! I had a link either from Medline or NCAHF about the algae claims, it was somewhere in this topic: You follow the wigmore?

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Try what? Taking zinc?

I already do. It doesn't make my penis rock hard. Having sex does.

Besides, you're taking zinc oxide which has terrible absorption and you're talking about it as if it has this magical effect on your schlong. Then you eat grass stuffed into a capsule and you're claiming it makes you feel so entirely different. God forbid you do something like coke -- your heart would rip out of your chest and eat your face.
My man!
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Originally Posted by why View Post
Make sure you never are in a drug study. You'll throw off the placebo results.

Supplementary zinc gives you rock hard erections? What the fuck...

I thought zinc was semen volume. If you want rock hard erections get on L-citrulline.... I mean WOW!
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hahaha zinc...
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Yeah, zinc and lecithin are great volumizers,as well as l-arginine. Never heard of l-citruline, I'll check it out someday. I think I have enough supplements to take for the moment lol. Anyway, zinc can definitely make it harder. When I take it at night, waking up in the morning can be quite painful if I'm sleeping on my stomach if you know what I mean heh.
I thought zinc was semen volume. If you want rock hard erections get on L-citrulline.... I mean WOW!
T4, I'm not terribly big on "cleansing", as I have never had a problem going. The cleansing/detox effects of chlorella are great and all, but I mainly take it for the energy and nutrition. I figure with all the algaes I eat, as well as the flax seed, the last thing I need is a colon cleansing. I don't know what the 'wigmore' is, and I don't feel like reading 36 pages of posts to find out heheh. The diet set out in the OP on that thread though is a bit...interesting heh. Vegetables are bad for you huh? News to me, but I'll stick with them because I've developed a taste.
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Anyone have anything to report on how they feel after taking these a while?
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I've been taking "Perfect Food" by Garden of Life for the past few weeks. I think I prefer it to NOW Superfoods, although both do a good job putting a spring in my step. The key is to not expect some kind of magical transformation... just makes you feel a bit more in tune, that's all.

I also have some spirulina powder that, although supposedly good for me, tastes wretched. Gag enducingly bad, which is really terrible, because if I threw it up it'd be a dark green-blue. I'm not sure what to do with it... totally poisons the flavor of any smoothie I put it in. Suggestions?
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I really don't mind the taste of it. It mixes well with pineapple juice, just has a bit of a 'carrotey' flavor. If it's that intolerable to you, I'd get a cheap capsule machine. I'm considering doing that for the other supplements I buy in bulk powder form, ascorbic acid, magnesium, etc.
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Adderall puts a spring in my step.

Also, for rock hard erections, Damiana I hear is quite potent. Of course that comes from The Herb Museum, so I can't say it really does. NO enhancing products, OXO-6, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, and all that kind of stuff can help too.
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Just ordered some Damiana. I'll report back on if I feel any different on it or not.
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Javyn, you mentioned that spirulina contains a lot of iron. Being that iron is harmful for males, isn't this counterproductive?
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Yeah that could be a problem. But I don't worry about it since I work out and exercise pretty regularly.
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i just started waking up with activa, blueberries + soy milk shakes and feel great!

its amazing really.
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I've been having a heaped teaspoon right before bed and then when I wake up every day for about a month. I dn't mind the taste, and it is giving me fanstastic regularity. I would eat a live frog covered in shit for the level of regularity that I am getting with superfoods, if I had to.
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