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I see you wear engineered garments, it's like e.g. doing a collaboration with gap and charging big $$$$'s
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Hello! Does anyone here know what model this is?

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This one looks strange to me - it is a genuine piece, but I have never seen Art No. like that - it is a Spring/Summer 2007 piece, but the last five digits confuse me. After season and brand digits (46 - 15), there used to be four digits describing the type, model, process etc. Later it was changed to five digits, but in 2007 there should still have been four. This is definitely S/S 2007 (46), Stone Island (15), jacket/shoulderpiece (4), but H401 I cannot decipher.


Again, it looks genuine judging by the label, buttons, badge, zipper, overall looks etc. It may be a special/limited edition piece but after almost ten years I can't remember if there was some info about it at the time. SI was popular back then but not as mainstream as today so maybe the special run was not even advertised.


Do you own this piece? Google search on the Art No. did not produce anything which is very strange. Try Offhand or Osti Archive community, maybe someone there will be able to shed some light.

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Yup, i own it. I have no idea, it kinda looks like a modified metal nylon. The H in the art number would suggest its some kind of a special piece maybe?

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TBH, I don't know, may be special piece. Still not sure why it has 5-digit instead of 4-digit description, other limited edition pieces had 4-digit AFAIK. Anyway, nice piece, hold on to it, I am sure somebody will come up with more info.

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Ye I have no idea. Maybe its the first one with 5 :D. Here are some more pictures if it helps..

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Nobody who knows anything?

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Originally Posted by kame123 View Post

Nobody who knows anything?

Sorry, not I.
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I contacted Stone Island and this is what they said "


thanks for contacting us, We confirm that this article is an original one, from spring/summer 2007 season, in nylon metal fabric.



Best regards,

Tommaso Gallini


Customer Service Manager"



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The nylon metal fabric is dope. So mad I slept on this piece I saw in Asia, thought it would be much cheaper in NA but its almost the same price. 

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Sorry to start a new account and bump an old thread, but I just picked this up and was hoping to find a little more information on it.


+ some more photos in here (tags, art number and on),

Found it at my local op shop/thrift store in Melbourne for $30 and instantly bought it. The art number is 23154N34, which i think means A/W '91? I haven't been able to find any other details about it though, could anyone help me out? 

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