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I am really surprised there is not more love for Stone Island and CP Company on this forum.  I started looking/wearing the brands back in the late 80's early 90's and have owned several pieces along the way.  After a considerable absence I recently got back into both with the following items (CP this winter and a CP and Stone Island for SS14).  Stone Island SS14 looks to be a bit calm (for my taste) this season however the jacket I picked up ticks all of the boxes for me.  I see a great future for CP Company now that Paul Harvey is back in charge of design.  Photos of the upcoming AW14/15 collection look spectacular.







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stone island is a great brand. got some knits and aw 13 bomber
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Just be careful if you are to buy from Turkey. Everything is faked there and they are nearly identical to the real thing.

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Today, Stone island are made in:

- indonesia (i have 26 qr dyed vest)

- vietnam (the collection with supreme (ugly) )

- roumania (mussola gommata) and other piece

- italia (some old collection piece :) and some jumper, jacket raso gommato hand paint (beautiful)

- turkey (wool jumper i have 6 SI pieces buy at stone island store Paris) = turkey i have compared the quality with my old collection (made in italy) = identic quality (fit, covy, warm..)

- (apparently china cf older post about yellow si jacket). (i have never see this... but i think it's true = cf older post on this forum with th yellow jacket) i'm not surprised


I lived in Paris the only one place where you can buy Stone island is at Stone Island rue st honoré (since 2012).. or the official website.

Recently i have buy this => http://www.stoneisland.com/us/stone-island/men/mid-length-jacket_cod41458102tc.html at Stone Island Paris (sale)

I have receved it and this piece is created in "romania"... => depicted but the piece is amazing..


So on facebook, for the 30th of the brand, some people comment a video of Carlo rivetti.. about "hand made in".. Carlo Rivetti respond:


https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=160604547382028&set=vb.231623463406&type=2&theater (tchek the comment).


So for people who want more information about the "new" politic of stone island or if you think your garnment is a fake or about a fake website who deals some fake stone island, you can contact this man at his email adress: <tommaso.gallini@spwco.it> this guy work for: SPORTSWEAR COMPANY SpaCustomer Service Manager.

(i have contact this man about my surprised about the 26 qr dyed vest.. "made in indonesia".. )



ps: i'm a stone island fan (i m not objective) but i like the philopsophy behind the brand..

ps2: sorry for my poor english...(but in france) the practice of an other language at scool is not "easy" (we begins to learn a second language too late).

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Could anyone tell me what this jacket is called? And what range its from?
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i don't know send your photo at this mail adress



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Originally Posted by alexhobson12346 View Post

Could anyone tell me what this jacket is called? And what range its from?

The badge on the arm signifies it as Stone Island (though some early c.p. Jackets had arm badges, they do not feature the 'compass' logo.) If you're looking to find the season, you could try joining osti archive if they are adding new members.
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Originally Posted by buzzlulu View Post

Awesome. I want this. Not that I have any idea what I'd need the goggles for in everyday wear, of course.

Breuninger (in Germany) carry the brand:

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