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got a few items, very good quality
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Stone Island is dope, IMO
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A good blog with lots of info on past and present pieces can be found here: [dead link]

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Unfortunately, Found-NYC Community has ceased to exist about a year and a half ago, tho the database is still there. The majority of the users has migrated to and


Stone Island is/was one of my favorite brands until Mr. Paul Harvey left (S/S 2008), and the brand became more commercial and mainstream. From the last seasons I bought only a few knits, but wouldn't even go near the most of the items now. Sizing and quality is all over the place last few years, but it seems that this is slowly being put back in order. Having said that, the pricing has increased 30% to 50% so I have to say that 'older' fans are slowly moving on... Brand however has better commercial success now.

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Bumping old thread. Curious if anybody has purchased a Stone Island outwear from this past fw 2013. Wondering how is quality of the brand.
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Bump. I would like to know too. I'm thinking about dropping a ridiculous amount of money on a S.I. jacket but don't know much about them.
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Went to a Stone Island store and I bought a jacket and cargo pants FW 2012 and really love them-- but got them at 30% off.  Quality and construction is very good, but it's overpriced.  I think 30% off as a starting point is "fair" if you're in love with jacket.  


for their SS 13, I slipped on a lightweight down vest and peeked at the tag:  over $700.  For that price they better plate me some foie gras next to the register.

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I might be a little late to this thread but what the hell, here goes.


I bought a Stone Island Reflex Mat Field Jacket a couple of months ago. The jacket cost me £750 from a shop in Scotland called Van Mildert, i paid full RRP because it's new season (AW 13).


In the couple of months I've owned it I've had more compliments than any other item of clothing I've ever owned in my life. Random people have stopped me and asked me about it, people serving me at check outs have commented on it. Gets a lot of looks when you're wearing it.


The quality of it is exceptional, unlike anything I've owned before, someone took a lot of care when they made this. Fabrics feel fantastic, the jacket is lined with a nice warm fleece, if anything it can be too warm at times, even on a cold rainy day in Scotland I can still be too warm wearing it. Usually I'll just wear a polo shirt under it.


My jacket is at 28 seconds.


I'm going to wait for the January sales and hopefully get the red camo jacket at the very start of the video :)

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ebay is flooded with stone island right now, but all of the sellers are from i'm thinking two possibilities....

1) since they are made there, these are possibly stolen/fallen off back of truck.

2) fakes.

Just to help you with #1, in my limited experience with CP/Stone Island I have not seen one made in china piece. They seem to be only made in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Italy.

I have been buying Stone island jackets since the 90's. The majority of mine are made in Italy and a couple in Rumania (sic) However, I purchased one recently, 100% authentic, and was amazed to see it is made in China.

This is not a fake, and imo made better than the Romanian ones.

Sorry about the pics.
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for those who do not know, stone island is an incredible company and they make garments of a far far higher quality than most fashion designers.
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Sorry to say though even the ones made outside of Italy used to have a label saying the finishing and QC were undertaken in Italy.
I spoke to someone only today who had to return a SI Muslin jacket as water came through the seams. Now that is the first time in over 20 yrs I have heard anything like that.

The material on one of my made in Romania jackets I bought 2012 also split at the side of the seam when it stretched. Now I have put older jackets through hell over the years and they are still as good as new.

Like I said I bought this jacket above for a relative and was astounded to see it was made in China, and does not have one of those old - above mentioned - tags.

They are obviously trying to maximise profit as they have now gone mainstream. I somehow resent paying the price of SI for something that is being made with cheap labour in China. However, that is just an assumption as I don't know much they are paying the workers, but I guess it's not as much as the European worker.

I hope this outsourcing to China is not going to jeopardise the construction quality -I have examined it in detail and it's well made - and if the jacket stands the test of time and is actually wind/waterproof is yet to be seen, but I somehow have the feeling that it's all downhill now for SI.

I still have a soft spot for them though!
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Does anyone know where I can find this overshirt in size M?
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Originally Posted by sealucky View Post

Does anyone know where I can find this overshirt in size M?

No, but in large at these 2 places if you are interested
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Does anybody where I can find sizing info ?

I everywhere on the Stone Island site and couldn't find anything.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it.
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Originally Posted by Dan e gee View Post

No, but in large at these 2 places if you are interested
L is too much frown.gif
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