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The best book about men's clothing

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If you can only read one book about this topic, what would that be?
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Steve's book.
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GQL, Thanks for the plug. My two personal favorites are Dressing the Man by Flusser- worth the $$$ for the glossary and pictures alone. Bernhard Roetzel's Gentleman's Guide to Grooming and Style is also quite good. I'm not sure if you can still get it or if it's out of print. Bruce Boyer's books are also supposed to be excellent, but I haven't read them because they are out of print. And there's an Esquire Encyclopedia of Men's Dressing (title???), which is quite good, out of print, rare, and very pricey.
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Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion by Bernard Roetzl.
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Dressing the man by Alan Flusser is indeed a great book. It helped me a lot with color contrast and the proper fitting of dress shirts, suits, and trousers. It also gives great pattern advice.
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Dressing the Man is good for shirts, ties and suits. Roetzel's book is good for brands, iconic clothing and casual wear. Different needs, but as I wear suits only rarely, I prefer Roetzel's.
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Although I agree that Flusser's book in a great book on men's clothing, a great primer on all around fashion, grooming, style, etiquitte, and just being a gentlemen is Maximum Style: Look Sharp and Feel Confident in Every Situation by Perry Garfinkel. It is a very basic, but educational read.
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I don't know if it's the "best", but I love Bruce Boyer's Elegance. I bought it remaindered over a decade ago while in college. I still pull it out and read from it. It's a wonderful book.
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Manton, I'm exceedingly jealous that you've found that Rizzoli imprint. I've been looking high and low for the set, and haven't found one yet. I love those old Esquire/Apparel Arts illustrations, and have only found the occasional old copies of Esquire. Did you find the volumes through Alibris?
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Have you read Richard Walker's Savile Row: An Illustrated History?  If so, is it good?  Amazon doesn't have any reviews, and only used copies are available.  Is it worth buying?  What specifically does the book talk about - what are the names of some of the chapters? Also, how about Henry Poole Founders of Savile Row: The Making of a Legend by Stephen Howarth? Any other Savile Row or general clothing-related books you might recommend?
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Richard Walker's Savile Row,An Illustrated History is an excellent history of that mecca of bespoke clothing. Chapter titles are: Pickadils and Lordly Dreams The Prince nad the Beau The Artistes of St James Craft Wars Henry Poole,Savile Row Hustle,Bustle and Suicide Swank and Sweat,The Duke of York's Trousers Edwardian Sunset Prince Charming and the Hollywood Connection War and Worse Beatles on the Ramparts American Deliverance Decay and Renewal Savile Row under Siege Pomp and Circumstance:Royals and the Row In Searchofthe Golden Fleece Appendix-----The Complete Savile Row,The Savile Row Directory,Savile Row Jargon,Care Maintenance and the Complete Gentleman This book came out in 1989 and ,yes, it's a good history of Savile Row but it's been awhile since I bought and read it.
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Boulevardier - thanks.
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banksmiranda, I concur with the Boulevardier; the Savile Row book is definitely worth acquiring. I found my copy through Amazon's second-line sellers about 3 years ago. It's interesting to keep in mind some of the things Walker writes about the bespoke experience, about it's being as much a matter of faith and expectations as it is about objective things; after all, two tailors make take the same measurements, and deliver very different suits. Hey Boulevardier, do you have the Rizzoli books Manton mentioned? Sounds right up your alley...... BTW, Manton, what are the titles of the Apparel Arts books? I seem to remember the editor was Italian, last name starting with "m," but beyond that.............. Oh, and I do think Flusser's "Dressing the Man" is overall the most helpful general men's fashion book I've read; I have his other two, and it's a step beyond in detailing things such as pattern-mixing, coloring, etc. I also have Boyer's two books, Vass's "Handmade Shoes," and a copy of "Gentlemen" by Roetzel (sp?), all of which I enjoy, and have added to my overall knowledge. I used to thumb through Esquire's "History" in my old college library, which had an old copy (along with bound copies of the 1930s Esquires - a real treat.)
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