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Originally Posted by pabloj View Post
Just bought a Mazzuoli pen on ebay, let's see how it turns out.
Update, it's a beauty, big pen, and writes well, a soft and thin line.
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Am looking to purchase a nice rollerball and came across the Waterman Exception Slim

Does anyone have any experience with this pen?
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My former regular was a Waterman but abandoned it for a daily writer that is a Pelikan 215 with a customized/tuned nib.

For the roller ball my Lamy Swift is a true standout and stand by.

For value and performance, it would be pretty hard to best the combination above.

My "lux" writer is a Grand Viceroy Yard-o-Led.
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Rotring 600

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I think I've probably said it in this thread already, but Dupont makes an excellent black pen in the Olympio (used to be the 'Orpheo' in the States). The only downsides (which are arguably subjective) are that it's not a piston-filler and it's heavy.
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Was going to start one, but found this one.

I think I nice, classy pen is an essential. Heck my Monte Blanc has gotten me my last two jobs, (and a third offer!), coincidental.

any other pen-ophiles?

I don't have many, I'd like to have more, but I have a Meisterstück ballpoint, and 2 Watermans, 1 Expert rollerball and one Amber Carene ballpoint.
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Rollerballs are my preferred style of pen. I'm currently using a "Rochetti" pen designed by the great Ettore Sottsass for Acme, part of their limited-edition Phase 3 collection:

Next I'm planning to buy a "Dialog 2," designed by Knud Holscher for Lamy:

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Namikis are nice, but I came to prefer the Platinum, which is also a Japanese maker. They make a very nice and reasonably-priced (in luxe pen terms) celluloid-barrel line. Much less costly than Omas, which are nice, but very overpriced and made for fetishists.
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I really like Omas pens.
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just the standard lamy safari for me with noodlers ink . works for me
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I switched to a ballpoint so I can use the Visconti gel inserts.
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I use a Cartier Diabolo rollerball with platinum finish:
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My newest pen is a Retro 51 Black Stealth.
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Favourites: Omas, Aurora, Lamy. I also have Waterman, Pelikan, Parker and Montblanc.
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I have the parker pen in like 5 different colors, all with the gel. I love them, but they aren't very baller.
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