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Is 39R hard to find?

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Ok so i'm looking to buy two higher end suits and went down to woodbury commons in the hopes of finding a decent suit and saving some money. When i got their and checked Off Fith, Nieman Marcus last call, and Barney's they didnt' have any 39R. I think i found one 39L at Off fith. Any how the only place that i found a suit was at Zenga and it was a little out of my price range. So when i got back this weekend i checked and and they don't have any 39R either. I've been looking on ebay as well for a 39R suit and they have very few high end suits. i was just wondering if anyone knows why its so hard to find a 39R suit any place or is it just bad luck i'm running into now cause when i've bought full price retail suits i haven't had a problem finding a suit. And if you know any place that is selling discounted suits that have 39R i would love to know. thanks Nik
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It's really hard to get "half" sizes at discount. Most discounted suits will be 38, 40, 42, etc... Good luck though.
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In your range standard sizes for RTW suits are 38S, 38R, 38L, and then 40S, 40R, 40L. Most manufacturers don't do odd sizes any more, because it gets costly. If you were to try 40S, then propably it should fit you fine with minimal alterations. If you have long arms, then 40R might be fine as well. If you don't have the budget for high-end suits, these are the most common alternatives.
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Ok thanks for the responses. YOu guy already answered what was going to be my next question. But what about pants sizing? For me that would bring the pants to a 34 waiste while i wear a 30 to 31. WOudl that be to much to take in? thanks Nik
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As a general proposition, European tailored clothing producers make suits and jackets in even sizes. However, for whatever reason, the American producers do produce odd sizes, including 39R. While there aren't many American manufacturers left, Hickey Freeman, Southwick, and Oxxford do make 39R's. You can frequently find HF at off fifth, while some Filene's have a decent selection of Oxxfords and Southwick. One other note: depending on the maker, a European 38 or 40 might work well for you. Optimally, I'm a 39R in Hickey and Oxxford, but I've found Brioni, Luciano Barbera, St Andrews, and Belvest in 40R work very well, as do Isaia, Canali, and Kiton in 38R. Depending on where you live, try on a variety of makers' clothes and see whose jackets fit you best, and also note the specific model(s)/cut(s) that fit.
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Yeh i've only worn Brooks Brothers suits in a 39r before and they fit me very well. For me the hard part is that i live in the middle of nowhere. Good old Western/Central New York. I don't make it down to the city much didn't even think to try the 40's on cause i've always been told not mess with the length of the suit but i guess a 40s would work then, but thats what i get for not thinking. Any how thanks for the info so far. Keep it coming if you can help any more. thanks Nik
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Strangely enough, I've found that while odd sizes are harder to find, they can sometimes be found at larger discounts than even sizes, since most people only shop for even sizes and an odd size can slip through quite a few discount/sale cycles....
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My understanding and experience is there is very little, if any, difference in length between a maker's 38/39/40R (the same would apply to this range in a short model); the main variation is in the chest and, perhaps, the shoulder width. But, again, the variation in all these areas is probably greater between manufacturers than it is between sizes for a given manufacturer. If a 39R was the right length for you, then it probably would also be the case that a Regular length would be right in 38 or 40. However, it seems that many manufacturers have increased the length of their jackets the last few years (fashion?), so the short vs. regular decision will depend on the cut. FYI, Hickey Freeman is made in Rochester, and they have a factory store underneath the factory. If you are within a reasonable drive, you might want to get on their mailing list, as they have some excellent sales at the factory store; in fact, when I used to travel to Rochester on business, they always had a huge sale starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so you might want to give them a call and see if the sale is happening this year.
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having a 39" chest doesn't mean you need a size 39 suit.  i have a 40" chest and prefer to wear either a slim cut 40, or looser cut 38. if you need size 32 pants, that's all the more reason to try on the 38 suit.
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